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Free Theme of an Extella Fate

Thanks to the overwhelming response for the recently released Fate/Extella on PS4 and PSVita, a total sales of 200,000 copies of the game has been recorded over the 1st week in Japan alone!

The sales figure includes the digital copies sold and downloaded via PSN as well.


As a thank-you for this commemorative event, the officials decided to reward the owners of the game a set of PS4 and PSVita theme featuring Nero Claudius in her CCC Bride costume, free of charge!

The PS4 theme itself features changing expressions based upon the time of the day, pretty much like the Servant themes on sale on PSN.

The PSVita one however doesn’t have such gimmick… :/

The release of this special theme will be announced at later date…


If you’ve been stalking paying attention to my tweet lately, more specifically the one from last week, you’ll notice that I’ve bought and installed Tamamo no Mae’s Fate/Extella theme on my PS4.

There are a total of 16 different ones for the Servants of the game itself. Each of the Servant theme costs 300 yen. 


Notice how Tamamo blushes and mischievously winks at different screenshots?

That’s the feature that will be included on the Nero Bride theme as well…


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