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Food Fight at AFA16

Yet another addition to the featured anime at Anime Festival Asia 2016, this time the culinary battle anime Shokugeki no Soma! Tagging along is the seiyuu (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) behind Yukihira Souma, the protag of the series.


Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma The Second Plate

Helping regularly at his family’s diner ‘Yukihira’ in the suburbs of his hometown, Soma Yukihira found himself recommended to a cooking school by his father Jouichirou right after graduating from middle school. That prestigious school was ‘Tootsuki Culinary Academy’, an elite school where only the top 10% survive long enough to make it to graduation.

The strictest exams, the dropout-inducing training camp from hell, and the Food War ‘Shokugeki’, which puts one’s own place in the school on the line. Soma overcomes the trials that gets more difficult, honing his cooking skills. With like-minded friends by his side, facing the strongest opponents of the same batch, Soma continues to grow personally. …

Then autumn arrived. The selected Year 1s were scheduled to participate in the unforgiving traditional Tootsuki ‘Autumn Elections’. Soma Yukihira was one of the selected participants.

The theme for the qualifying round was ‘Curry’. Akira Hayama, a prime candidate for winning the whole event and a spice specialist, had a curry dish with such deep complexity, that it led Soma to accept Hayama’s challenge. Experimenting through trial-and-error all the way till the day of the showdown, Soma managed to achieve the same ‘aroma explosion’ as Hayama did. The results however saw Soma getting 93 points, losing first place to Hayama with 94 points.

Despite being defeated by Hayama, Soma was still confirmed as a participant in the main competition. Holding regret in his heart, he swore to become stronger. Then came the ‘Autumn Elections’.

The final eight candidates are: Soma, Megumi, Takumi, Hisako, Alice, Kurokiba, Hayama and Mimasaka. Who will Soma’s next opponent be?! Who will emerge victorious?!

Official Website:

Official Twitter:

©Yuto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki/ Shueisha, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Committee 2

On the Akiba Stage, a couple more guests will make their appearance during the event…




aki was born on 14th of March in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture.

On 27 May 2007, she passed the first round of AKB48 research student auditions (4th generation). She was an opening member for SKE48 on 31 July 2008 and was selected to join Team S. She had many concert performances and TV appearances while in SKE48, even making an appearance at the prestigious annual NHK Kouhaku Song Battle in 2012. On 31 April 2014, aki graduated from SKE48 to pursue her solo singing career goals.

25 February 2015: aki released her first single “FLASHBACK”, which sold over 7000 copies nationwide

9 March 2016: aki released her first mini album “Daybreak”, her hi-res version earned 1st place on Japanese Rankings. She also began her Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour that month.

2016/8~ aki (aka. Aki Deguchi) joined Crocodile Records

2016/11/9 Ending theme “destiny” for TV anime “Nazotokine”

2016/11/16 Ending theme for TV anime “Crane Game Girls Galaxy” Official Support Song “Kagawa Five Arrows” for Japan Pro Basketball League (B.LEAGUE)

2016/10 Monthly Yomiuri Television Ending song “Onriki”

2016/10 Monthly Yomiuri Television Ending song “Peach Cafe”

2016/11 Monthly Chūkyō Television Ending song “Junkin”

2016/11 Monthly Chūkyō Television Weather Corner song “Catch”

New Single “Zettaiteki Seiten Aozora” released

She has participated in numerous events, including SEA STUDIO 2015, MIE MUSIC SUMMIT, 2016 CHUO OASIS LIVE.

aki is also the Matsusaka City Brand Ambassador.

Her special skills include singing and calligraphy. She enjoys playing alone, reading guro manga, as well as watching festivals and sports.

Official Twitter:

Official Blog:

Official Homepage:


Fujisaki Yuzu


Learning to play the piano since her childhood, Yuzu Fujisaki’s interest in music over the years led her to become a singer. Specialising in vocals, dance, lyrics and more, she makes event appearances in Japan as well as overseas. Although she normally seems to be mature and calm, her ability to radically switch to a totally different powerful singing voice on stage is her appeal point.

– She received the Best Performance Award at MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL 2016.

– Her 3 singles “Trick on eyes”, “Fuzee” and “RIDE on BREEZE” will be featured as BGM tracks in the game Roller Coaster Dreams on 22nd December 2016.

– She performed the Opening Theme for TV anime “Nazotokine”, which began airing in October 2016.

Her first single “Dimension Sky”, the Opening Theme of TV anime “Nazotokine” will be on sale from 9th November 2016 onwards!

Official Website:

Official Twitter:


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