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Even More Special Guests at AFA16

The official is not slowing down on the updates it seems…

But then again we’re already in November, only a couple of weeks left until Anime Festival Asia 2016 itself!

Sebastian Masuda



Sebastian Masuda is a contemporary artist widely recognized as the father of Japanese kawaii culture.

Celebrated for his film, theatre and clothing, he is regularly invited to speak around the world. Masuda also created the legendary boutique 6%DOKIDOKI, where one can have a peek into his boundless imagination through his bright colored and unique designs.

TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE is a global participatory artwork in which Masuda invites people to share their love of kawaii.

The Domo capsule was created in collaboration with NHK World to show how kawaii can be a means of personal expression and a tool to bring people together.


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With over 170 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and over 160 thousand Twitter followers, kradness has fans not just in Japan, but all over the world.

While using his unique high-toned voice as a singer, he has also set up his own fashion brand “RAMERA”, as well as being a producer and debuting as a model. His media exposure has continued to rise.

Furthermore, he also serves as the DJ and composer for the unit “Camellia” as well as the vocalist for “Quarks”.

Official Website: h

Official Twitter:

Official YouTube:


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She began sharing videos on video sharing in 2008. Her husky voice has received recognition, resulting in a major label debut in 2013. An undisputed “terminal-stage fujoshi” and “heavy gamer”, she has performed for multiple tracks in music games, and has gained tremendous support as a representative of the female otaku.

Official Website:

Official Twitter:

Official YouTube:

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