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Of all the many years of patient waiting ever since the release of the original PSP JRPG Fate/Extra, stretching from participating in multiple official polls (Where GSC asked of the ACG chara the collectors wanted, in scaled figure/Figma/Nendo form…), to myself subtly hinting and out-right asking the GSC staff (At events, on Twitter and other social mediums about the possibility of a Figma of my beloved foxy Miko), the Figma version of Fate/Extra’s Caster has finally been announced earlier this year.    

Time-skipped several months later, she has finally been released to the public a few weeks back.

No doubt I got my hands on one, taking another fortnight before she finally reached my place, after having to rescue her from the Postal Dude (Once again the office refused to deliver my stuff to my place, you can read all about their irresponsible behaviour here…).


Caster, her true name being Tamamo no Mae, came packaged in a standard, simple design, as per the newer generation of Figma box art.

Clad in her colour theme, black and bluish purple (purplish blue?), the over all simple element with minimum logo and text truly brings out the main focus of the package, the transparent window layer that shows off part the main figure herself.

The reverse side details everything about the foxy Miko herself, along with several product shots of the Figma in action. The same holds true for either sides of the box itself.

As usual, lots of warnings and extra information in text form occupies the lower part of the box.

Not shown, but both the top and bottom flaps are what you expect: more close-up product shots. 


Tama-chan and other extras are secured in a couple of plastic trays, neatly packed into the box itself.

A pity she only comes with a few accessories at best, given her rather expensive price tag (6,800 yen retail price!)…


An overview of the main figure herself. She looks absolutely stunning on hand. >w< 

Due to the design of her platform geta and her top-heaviness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), you’ll have to (Most of the time) utilise her included standard Figma stand with a specialised peg that connects to her back.


3 different face plates are included in the set: a standard neutral face, an embarrassed face and a beaming smiling face.

True to the source materials, she comes in her aoshimapan (blue-striped underwear). w 


Tama-chan’s main attacks usually involve the use of charms which imbue elemental magic into her projected spells.

The set only comes with a single charm unfortunately, which can be fitted loosely onto a hand (Between the index and middle fingers) specifically included to do so.

Be extremely careful as not to lose the one and only charm she have. :/


Due to the way her outfit is designed, the Figma suffers a lot in some pose: You can’t really rest her arms by her side in parallel; Her hands unable to reach or grab her own waist; Her thighs are hindered most of the time by her dress. 

However, through careful manipulation you can actually make her do a girlish sitting style. =w=

Take care, as even though a majority of her outfit is made of soft rubber material, some attached parts (The white knots at each side of her dress) might get damaged if you’re going too far. In fact, the knot on the left side of my fox came detached, I had to email GSC for a replacement lower body part. For the mean time I just stuck it back loosely for all of these photo shoots…  


Tama-chan’s signature Noble Phantasm, the holy mirror Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu-Ishi, is included of course. The surface of the mirror itself is just a matte coat of silver paint, so don’t expect fully workable mirror that can show your own reflection. :3

The Noble Phantasm comes with its own display stand as well, which is a simple round base with a long arm piece to hold it in place, as the holy mirror is depicted at various materials floating around Tama-chan herself.

Aside from that, there is another shorter connector included when you want to mount the mirror along with the Figma stand itself via a clip on the connector.


Interactions with other Figma, specifically Nero Claudius, a limited included along with the first PSP game.

Having Tama and Nero cosplaying as one another ala the upcoming included Amiami specific bonus tapestry, hmmm? www


The best part of a Figma is their compatibility with one another, so we can have Tama in this nekkid Y-shirt body from Figma Kagura Aya of Se.Kirara, another limited from years back. <3

Then Tama-chan in her maid uniform borrowed from Asahina Mikuru of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu fame and the tea set from Nendo Kotobuki Tsumugi of K-On! =w=


As a finale to this post, here’s Tama-chan holding Tama-chan sitting on Tama-chan’s laps. www


My next goal is to bring these three Tama-chans along in my AFA trip later the month, and get them in a two-shot (four-shot?) with a Tama-chan cosplayer! XDc


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  1. @_@ all the tama-s.
    Got mine last month straight from japan.

    4th November, 2016 at 06:18

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