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Jumping Rainbows at AFA16

So many guests, so little time to announce! :P

A couple of special guest groups will perform on the Akiba Stage within the halls during Anime Festival Asia 2016…

Niji no Conquistador

Presented by 「pixiv」



Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador)

With the theme of “Every day is a Culture Festival!”, they’re not just idols, but also voice actors, illustrators, cosplayers and even dance choreographers. Out to spread the excitement, Nijicon is a unit presented by illustration social networking site 「pixiv」.

Their 6th single ‘Kagiri naku Bouken ni Chikai Summer’ was released on 20th September 2016. They have also completed their nationwide tour across 4 large cities with their first event at Tokyo Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on 27th August 2016.

Their much-anticipated 2nd album ‘Rainbow Eclipse’ will be released on 13th December 2016.

Members attending Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016:

• 奥村野乃花 / Nonoka Okumura (

• 鶴見萌 / Moe Tsurumi (

• 中村朱里 / Akari Nakamura (


Tokimeki JUMP



Tokimeki JUMP consists of 6 members originally from Pika Pika Meido Café (PPMC). PPMC was founded in 2013 and has organized several of their own café events and performed at numerous J-culture events.

Pika Pika Meido Café: Official Facebook:

Debuting at AFA2016, Tokimeki JUMP is a new performance group, hoping to spread happiness and joy through their performances. “Tokimeki”, which means heart beat in Japanese, represents the group’s passion towards performing and their hearts beating as one. “JUMP” represents the group’s enthusiasm, jumping into the exciting, yet unknown future ahead.

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter:

Official Instagram:


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