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Warring Factions of an Extella Fate

With all 16 Servants available to Fate/Extella all unveiled, it’s time to properly introduce the factions they are affiliated with, as the release date of the game drawing ever nearer.


Aiming to capture the Sectors on the Moon, the Nero faction and the Tamamo faction; To destroy all that is on the Moon, the Attila faction.

The clash between these three Servants and their respective factions is inevitable. Which faction will emerge victorious in the conquest? 

Nero Claudius Faction


The faction lead by the 5th Emperor of the Roman Empire, Nero Claudius.

The mysterious Servant Mumei and Gawain the Knight of the Round Table is part of the said faction.


Tamamo no Mae Faction


A faction under the care of the mystical beauty, Tamamo no Mae.

Several other Servants (Including Karna, who serves as her adjutant) such as an anti-Servant and the treacherous general are gathered under her flag. 


Attila Faction


A faction presided by the destroyer of civilisations, Attila.

I wonder why top names like Gilgamesh joins her in the three-way battle on the Moon, seeing that she does not have the Regalia (Which allows the Servant dominion over other Servants) like the other two?




Altria, for defensive measures; Achimedes, for system maintenance.

Both of them were summoned by Moon Cell itself, to do tasks not affiliated with any of the competing factions.


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