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Boundless Playthrough of an Extella Fate

For the last leg of the November release window, the official site has been updated with more info of the mechanics featured in Fate/Extella.


The newly added tabs on the System page on the official site expands more upon its DLC outfits, Free Mode and also In-game toggle-able Options. 

Free Mode


Free Mode allows the Master to play the game using any Servants and Stage they have cleared before, regardless of faction choice. 

The freedom to utilise any Formal Wears and equipping various Code Casts allows a Master to realise their dream battles.

Skills and levels of Servants you can use in Free Mode are reflected from your play in the Story Mode.

In this mode you can even fight against Servants from the very same faction you’re in!


Difficulty Settings


Difficulty settings for various Stages can be adjusted according to a Master’s preference. Of course the drops for Install Skills and Formal Wears are better the harder the Stage is, so feel free to challenge the increasingly powerful enemies, wielding even more damaging weapons the further down the difficulty!

While the game utilise a certain degree of combo system via a series of different buttons presses on your controller, for those too lazy to play the game itself (What!?), one can also set the game to automatically register combos (Auto Match Combo) via a single press of a button. 


Aside from the above, a new short video has been posted on the official site as well, showcasing the use of the DLC costumes via the Closet function within MyRoom.


Nero and Altria armoured up in their respective red and blue coloured Pure Night Dress to wage battles against their foes. =w=

Do note that the DLC costumes are a part of the First Release Bonus. More DLC costumes can be obtained as shop specific bonuses or through PSN in the near future.


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