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Further System Expansion of an Extella Fate

More info on the official site, now expanding further upon various in-game systems that will be available to the players of the Musou game of the Nasuverse, Fate/Extella…


The update this time focus more upon the level progression of the playable Servants, as well as your relationship to them as a Master… w

Install Skill


Install Skill is a fully customisable perks system you can equip on your Servant to boost their performance or negate negative effects. There are three different categories to choose from: Red (Offence), Blue (Defence) and Yellow (Support).

Equipping Skills from the same category in parallel increases their effectiveness, further boosting their effect(s). 


More skill slots will be unlocked as your Bond with your Servant increases. 

Install Skills are obtained via drops from Aggressors or from increasing your Bond level with your Servants.




Outside from battle, a Master can interact with their Servants in their MyRoom, building upon their relationship.

Upon conversations and planning their next battle, their Bond level can be increased, which in turn will bring in many benefits. 


Bond levels are increased via selecting the correct respond to conversations with your Servants, Code Casting and also completing Side Missions.

As mentioned earlier, more Install Skill slots will be unlocked when you level-up your Bond. 

There are special events too once you’re getting more intimate with your Servant(s) via Bond level-ups… <3

Side Missions


During battles, your Servants may occasionally ask you to complete certain tasks.

These Side Missions may range from defeating certain amount of enemies, to capturing Sectors in allocated time. 


Completing these Side Missions will earn you Bond levels with the said Servant.

The Side Missions randomly occurred during each battle, up to a maximum of 5 at a time.



DLC costumes obtained for each Servants can be accessed via the Closet in MyRoom. 

While there are no special effects or boosted stats while wearing these costumes in battles, the outfits will be reflected within the game itself.


InB4 hilarious situations where a Servant wears an outrageous costume in a serious confrontation or in an event scene…


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