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Shedding her older shell, Tama-chan has been reborn to a new body, perfecting her already excellent foxiness.

For the past few months, she has gone on another stage of evolution, breaking through her cocoon to become a more refine Goddess.


A fair word of warning though: the rest of the piccies after this are of the NSFW nature, please go ahead at your own discretion lest you risk being lectured by your boss/waifu/etc… :3c

I’ve collected Volks’ DDIII latest body part-by-part earlier the year, and managed to nab most of them (DDIII-B-02F L Bust Flat Version, DDIII-W-01 Waist, DDIII-A-01 Arms, DDIII-HL-01 Thighs, DDIII-FO-01 Feet, DDS-BF-01 Upper Torso Internal Frame… also a DD-BW-LF One-Piece Torso L Bust Flat Version for the sake of the more exposed costumes…) with the exception of the DDIII-LL-01 Shins.

However, it wasn’t until a month back before the last part arrived, thanks to Volks refusing the update their online store’s stock for a few months. ^^;


In the past few versions, Tama-chan is considered a Frankenstein hybrid for a 1/3 doll, her body being a collection of various makers and third-party mods, including DDII, Wersaze and SQ Lab to name a few.

With the new body however, she is now a complete DDIII. ^w^ There still exists some mods, namely the magnets on her scalp and her rear to hold the fox ears and tail respectively.


Her new face sculpt is done by Black Swan, a highly talented (But some-what expensive; I heard from another InnovaDDo that his musume’s outfit by Black Swan cost him a thousand of Dollars…) doll artist from Korea, with the DDH-07 Eyeholes Opened Type from Volks.

Black Swan skillful face-up sure does Tama-chan justice, bringing out all the details from various concept arts (Fate/Extra, Fate/Extra CCC, Fate/Grand Order) as shown to them in a rather eerily identical way.


DDIII body is vastly superior when compared to the older hybrid, able to pose in an extremely sophisticated ways.

This is especially true for the One-Piece Torso as it has a softer outer shell, allowing a good angle of thigh movement.


Do note that the One-Piece Torso and the L Bust I’ve acquired are of the flat variant, meaning there’s no nipples on the breasts themselves.

While some may argue that breasts without nipples are pointless (Oh wait, is that a pun!? XDc), I do find these types of busts allow a better costume presentation such as those outfits with extreme low-cut that raises the danger of nip-slips, as per many comrades pointed (OK, I’ll stop the pun… orz) out before at past con visits with Tama-chan.


Anyway, will showcase the all new Tama-chan in her Goddess outfit later the week during Comic Fiesta Mini 2016 on my island.

See you there if you’re visiting!


4 responses

  1. Nice upgrade! Quite love the DDH07 custom face-up, it’s a ‘different’ looking Tama-chan yet she’s still unmistakably recognisable as Tama-chan. Sweet!

    30th August, 2016 at 02:54

    • She’s getting more mature looking w

      1st September, 2016 at 12:23

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