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Gimmicks of an Extella Fate

Even more updates are pouring into the official site lately, this time adding and explaining more upon the multiple in-game systems that were shown in various trailers lately.


Opposing factions will employ a range of defensive measures to keep their Sectors in check.

One must be vigilant and decisive in order to foil these securities to lead their own faction to victory.


Tamamo managed to lock Nero within a Sector of her control, denying her exit to other Sectors.

In order for Nero to escape the lock-down and regroup with her own allies, she’ll need to clear the Sector of Tamamo’s offensive programs and/or the Servant(s) under her enemy’s camp. 



Gawain, the Knight of the Sun, has a skill that will boost his attributes and abilities when he is in a Sector bask in sun light.

In order to neutralise this advantage her enemy has, Nero will need to quickly capture the said Sector(s) to deny his power-up.



There are various unclaimed neutral Sectors around the battlefield, of which one can capture them by finding the Lost Matrix hidden within the area that will unlock and transfer ownership to the holder of the key. 


Sector Traps

There are Sectors that are marked on the mini map as being fitted with high-damaging traps.

You’ll be given an opportunity to Code Cast certain spells that will neutralise such unwanted effects such as Poison, before you head into the Sector itself, or avoid it altogether should you choose to. 



Obtained from drops by defeating enemies and through opening Item Boxes throughout the battlefield, these items can refill you lost vitality (Yakisoba Bun and Bento) and Extra Manoeuvre gauge (Sake and Wine), allowing you to prolong your fight against opposing factions. 



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  1. Wow, this seems more fun than the dynasty series.

    25th August, 2016 at 08:30

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