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Colourful Stages of an Extella Fate

Even more updates are pouring into the official site lately, this time adding and explaining more upon the multiple in-game systems that were shown in various trailers lately.


Heavily influenced and affected by the likes of their current rulers, the territories on the New World of the Moon shows a colourful recreation of “IF”s painted in these rulers’ preferences.

All these Stages are now contested by the three main factions in a post Holy Grail War conquest.

Mare Aurum

A new area constructed under the Sea of Gold within SE.RA.PH., the self-proclaimed patron of the arts, Nero Claudius, holds absolute command upon these territories full of artistic buildings and statues derived from Roman motifs.

There’s even an open air live stage in the area as well…


Mare Luxuria

A pink territory built within the Sea of Lust, Tamamo no Mae is the Lady of the area, formed in the image of retro Japanese Kyo full of Sakura trees and shrines.

To top it off, she placed a disco in this chaotic Stage for some reason. 


Mare Melum

Part of the territory in the Sea of Flames, this area consists of a reconstructed scenery from the 4th Holy Grail War.

High rise buildings of Fuyuki city and the familiar Ryuudou temple are fully realised here within this Stage.


Mare Origo

A territory in the Sea of Origin, an original and chaotic world where top Servants roam.

A garden of a ruined castle resides in this Stage.



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