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Offensive Programs of an Extella Fate

Even more updates are pouring into the official site lately, this time adding and explaining more upon the multiple in-game systems that were shown in various trailers lately.

Standing in between you and each Sectors you’re trying to conquer are numerous offensive programs of various types, each of them bears specific functions and roles on the battlefield.

Unveiled here are a few of the programs that you’re going to fight regularly…  


The most common program on the Sectors, Soldiers will try to inch-in for an up close and personal mêlée attacks. Although they lack in any ability, they do make-up their strength by attack en masse in numbers.

One must be careful much less they be dragged into a flurry of attack combos by the many Soldiers in groups.



Appeared together with Aggressors, the Commander type have a much higher spec than regular Soldiers, and will lead its fellow Soldiers against their enemies. 



Archer types that attack from a distance, and will in no circumstances try to get close to their targets.

It’s a priority to take them out first as so they won’t hinder your progress…



With powerful and forceful attacks exceeding those of regular offensive programs, these giants will not falter against any puny attacks from their enemies.

A smack to the face will be rewarded to those dare to close in for a scratch.



Special offensive programs produced by Aggressors, these loyal protectors will guard their creator with full might.

They are your primary targets when attempting to capture Sectors on field.



Dancing through the air, these flying programs can and will bombard enemies with their high-damage attacks.

They are quite useless when grounded, however.




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