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4th Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The 3rd round of the Servant Festa voting ended, however surprisingly without any new PV as expected or result of the poll given… ^^;


Any way, here comes the 4th round!

The voting this time centres around Nero and Tamamo no Mae alone, with the question being: If you are alone with Nero/Tama, what would you like to hear from them?

There are two phases of voting here, the first being the choice between Nero and Tamamo no Mae…


After you have decided your waifu choice, you can select the outfit (Default/Swim Wear/Cosplay) she’ll be delivering her lines (Lines after forming contract with you/Lines when heading to battle/Lines after winning the battle) on the 2nd phase.


The choices for the 2nd phase are the same between both Servants, so pick away at your discretion!


I wonder will Tama win the poll this time and deliver her speeches? w


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