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Store Exclusive DLCs of an Extella Fate

The main site of Fate/Extella updated with a few more info on the store exclusive bonuses, this time on the costume DLC codes for various characters…


These codes can be redeemed via PlayStation Store once you got your hands on them, and the DLC will be downloaded and installed into your game.

Amazon: アルテラ衣装「スイートデビル」プロダクトコード

Amazon: Attila’s Costume 「Sweet Devil」 Download Code


ゲオ: ネロ・クラウディウス衣装「マルチプル・ウェア」プロダクトコード

Geo Online: Nero Claudius’s Costume 「Multiple Wear」 Download Code


Game TSUTAYA & いまじん: 玉藻の前衣装「テイルメイド・ストライク」プロダクトコード

Game Tatsuya & Imagine: Tamamo no Mae’s Costume 「Tail Maid Strike」 Download Code


Loppi / ローチケHMV: イスカンダル衣装「せいふくおうからあげクンTシャツ」プロダクトコード

Loppi / Law Chike HMV: Iskandar’s Costume 「Seifuku Ou Karaage-kun (King of Conquerors’ Fried Chicken-kun) T-Shirt」 Download Code


Once again, these store bonuses are only available to those pre-ordering Fate/Extella from respective (Online & physical) stores (Obviously).


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