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3rd Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The 2nd round of the Servant Festa voting ended with a new PV featuring the King of Conquerors, the recently unveiled Rider.

I wonder what’s the reason behind the poll’s purpose, since they are going to unveil him as a part of Attila’s faction anyway? ^^;


Any way, here comes the 3rd round!

The vote this time centres around Nero, and the choices are the current list (Still lack of an Assassin class orz) of 11 announced Servants.

Choose your dream match between Nero and a Servant of your pick, and let them fight!


Judging by the way it works thus far, I believe there’s going to be a new short PV featuring the match we made…

Time to have Tama-chan exacting her revenge for being bullied during the E3 demo… :P or the other way around ! D:


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