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Setting Fire (Works) in the Rain

Last weekend, after enjoying the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot movie (Pretty entertaining I must say, shame to the trailers for making it look bad) in the morning at a local cinema without my usual companion (He had to abandon the movie in favour of bringing his sick son to a doctor; Apparently after diagnosis later the day the little one got some throat infection), I’ve spent several hours back my den resting in preparation of the hectic evening ahead. 

Yes, it’s that time of the year again to visit the Bon Odori Matsuri held at the Esplanade on my island. =w=


Arriving a couple of hours earlier in order to avoid heavy traffic, I’ve instead paid a visit to a Theme Cafe located just close-by, as there’s an Anime Cosplay Gathering happened since the morning on the same day.

Never actually enter this Toys Café before since its opening years back, I’m extremely curious of what decorates the interior of this café, while showing up my face and mingle with the attendees of the gathering…

Giant plushies welcoming visitors at the entrance of the café. XDc 

As expected from the title of the Theme Café itself, this small establishment hosts a bunch of displays of various toys and figures from any Anime/Movie/Manga/Game from the world, disregarding Japanese or Western origin.


A number of installation art (Wall decor, hanged arts, wallpapers, paintings) can be found all around the café, most of them are from the Marvel Super Heroes fame.

They even have a suit/statue of Iron-Man Mk I on display at the far end of the shop lot! www


Within glass cases all over the café are countless figures on display, much to the envy of many collectors.

There’s a second floor too but I didn’t bother to take the flight of stairs to the area, which is mainly flooded with TCGers battling one another.   


It wasn’t long before I left the installation and head to the venue of the main event of the day.

As usual, the main dance stage for Bon Odori is set up at the centre of the Esplanade, while a number of canopies surround it at the border of the field itself.

Unfortunately, Konatsu doesn’t have access to a canopy (Due to a change of organisers AFAIK, an insider info from one of the members) unlike earlier years, so we lack a picnic and resting area this time around. 

On the very same spot lies the Canon booth instead, manned by individuals I’ve recognised as crews for AFA! 0w0 


As the result, none of the usual Konatsu members actually gather around during the festival, with all of us spread thin throughout the area. I did bumped into a few of them though, from time to time. 

Anyway, due to this set back (And another I’ll mention later below), I couldn’t unload my Yukata Ranka-chan to bring around the festival. Poor Ranka-chan and her mini-me had to endure staying within their transport bag for the duration of the night. orz

Now that I think of it, this was perhaps the reason ACG was held at Toys Café earlier the day. Many attendees and the organisers are actually part of the group itself.


Elsewhere, stalls with all the foods and beverage, as well as the usual Japanese mini games, are teeming with floods of crowd, many of them in Yukata. =w=


Cosplayers in Yutaka are a sight for sore eyes. ^~^


Rehearsals for the night began as a throng of onlookers crowd the stage area with their arms raised with phone cameras, eager to take blurry photos and/or recording shaky videos. :P

The practice is a usual sight nowadays, although not a good culture IMHO.


Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worst as drizzle began and quickly turned into heavy rain.

However this doesn’t stop those prepared with umbrellas to continue to enjoy the occasion.


As for me, I had to take shelter at the Canon booth. orz

After some time of non stop down pour, I’ve decided to retreat to the nearby food court for dinner while waiting for the rain to stop.


The rain went on and on heavily for the last stretch of the night, only slowed down near the end of the festival, just in time for me to record the raison d’être of my visit.

And the night ended with colourful display of explosions, while shower in light drizzle. ^_^


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