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2nd Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The Servant Festa continues with the result of the first poll has been decided!

As previously mentioned, for the first part of this Summer Servant Festa, you get to choose one of the three main factions as appear in the game itself. 


The faction that tops the poll will be featured in a short CM!

To no one’s surprise, Tamamo no Mae’s faction won the polling. XDc Her beaming smile warms the hearts of all her supporters. w

On the losing end however, just look at them faction leaders’ pouting. :P


Here’s the aforementioned CM, featuring Tamamo no Mae’s faction in action! <3

As Her Fluffiness rampaging through the battlefield, she calls upon the help of her adjutant, Karna!

On the other hand, Round 2 of the polling has begun.

As we know, Attila’s faction is the third faction that will take part in this post Holy Grail War. 

A set of five names has been upped for selection, all of them hail from Fate/Zero. Only one of them will join Fate/Extella as a playable Servant for Attila’s faction. Who do you think will be the one?


Iskandar (Alexander the Great), Gilles de Rais (Blue Beard), Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Hassan-i Sabbah and Lancelot. These five names are the ones for voting. Do note that the voting works by inputting the Katakana of the names into the given slot on the main voting page.

Implore your insight now and cast your guess upon the chosen one now!


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