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System Expansion of an Extella Fate

More updates on the official site, now expanding further upon various in-game systems that will be available to the players of the Musou game of the Nasuverse, Fate/Extella…


First thing to notice is the changing of the term Form Change, it is now known as Moon Crunch. =w=

Aside from that, the various systems as covered below are perhaps a déjà vu to all past Musou games, like Sengoku Musou, Sangoku Musou and Sengeoku Basara… w

Moon Crunch


Utilising the magical essence from Moon Cell itself, the Moon Crunch allows the wielder of the Regalia to engulf herself in an armoured form that is created from their own image.

Upon activation, the drive gauge decreases gradually, immensely increasing the user’s attack power which will break any enemy’s guard.


Moon Drive


For those Servants without Regalia, they too can use the very same source of essence from Moon Cell, activating a boost called the Moon Drive which drives up their stats temporarily.

Noble Phantasm


And of course each Servants will have their own personal Noble Phantasm to unleash upon their enemies. However to do so, they’ll have to scour through the battlefield in search of the Phantasm Circuit, only by collect a trio of them will the Servant be able to utilise their signature move. 

During the activation of a Noble Phantasm, the said Servant may be interrupted and cancelled by a flurry of attacks, thus dropping the Circuit for others to collect. 


Command Seal


The Command Seal, an absolute order and a proof of Masterhood, can be utilised to enhance the performance of a Servant.

2 out of the 3 available seals can be used for either Revival (Revives a defeated Servant) or Limit Break (Powers up the Servant).

After each battle, the Command Seals will be replenished.


Code Cast


Although Master cannot actually take part in battles, they can offer support by Code Casting simple spells.

These spells are embedded with the Formal wears they equipped, providing strengthening, healing, defence and such.

Three Code Casts are revealed thus far: Heal (Restoring the health of your Servant), Decoy (Creating a SHINJI to distract your enemies for a limited time) and Change (Switching out your main Servant with a reserve Servant in your faction).


Formal Wear


By equipping the Formal Wear, a Master can easily Code Cast simple spells to support their Servant.

These Formal Wears are created through a crafting system, utilising QP (Quantum Piece) and Strengthening Bones as fodder. 

Formal Wears are randomly imbued with sub effects as well, so don’t hesitate to craft more than 1 of the same type of Formal Wear. w


Level Up


Servants can earn experience by entering and returning from battles, thus levelling up their status points and learning new combo.

Aside from that, by consuming QP in a Sub Story, it is possible to raise a Servant’s level to its limit.



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