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Summer Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The voting has begun!

For the first part of this Summer Servant Festa, you get to choose one of the three main factions as appear in the game itself.


Aside from the event itself, three additional Servants has been revealed, and updated on the official site: Saber class Gawain, Launcher Lancer class Karna and Berserker class Ryofu Housen.

There are currently three known factions within Fate/Extella: Nero Faction, which consists of the Crimson Tyrant herself, her adjutant EMIYA Mumei and the Knight of the Sun, Gawain;  Tamamo Faction, which consists of the Foxy Miko herself, her adjutant Karna, the IdoL@ncer and Do Not Pursue Lu Bu Ryofu Housen; Attila Faction, which consists of the Civilisation Destroyer herself, her adjutant Gilgamesh and the Ruler Jeanne. 

Artoria is herself independent and doesn’t belong to any of the factions.


Guess my pick? XDc

Besides the factions voting, you’ll get to choose one of the currently announced list of Servants as your primary summon. No doubt I’m choosing the fluffy Caster herself.

As a bonus, you chosen Servant will now decorate the main page and his/her chara theme will play! 


The poll ends on the 11th of the month, meaning it’s only 3 days away!

Quick and vote for her fluffiness, or any of the other two factions! =w=

I wonder what will be in the 2nd part of the Festa?


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