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The Misadventure of a Gaming Console

At long last after desiring it for many years now, I’ve finally took the plunge and hopped off the fence to grab the gaming console everyone been dreaming to ever owning one.

And it’s a Sony. =w= 

It all happened on one fine day when I spotted a random friend’s FB post about her recent acquisition of a PlayStation 4 at a some-what bargain price.


Looking at the discount, I find that it is reasonable enough for me to finally place an order myself to the same place she got hers from: Lazada Malaysia. Unfortunately, this is when the nightmare begins.

Fair warning up front to all though, this is but a rant post of a bad experience I have suffered, which spans over close to half a month.

From what I can see from my account’s summary, Lazada shipped the console as soon as the next day I placed my order, even provided a tracking ID from the courier called the Ninja Van. Checking the tracking, Ninja Van stated my console is under “Pending Pickup”, which I assume means the courier will go over to Lazada’s to collect and then deliver it to me.

Fast forward three days. Still no sign of my console. Checking Ninja Van’s tracking again. Still “Pending Pickup”. I am now irritated. Another days passed. Still “Pending Pickup”. OK, now I’m annoyed. Decided to act upon the displeasure by contacting both Lazada (Via Twitter and Facebook) and Ninja Van (Via direct phone call) to demand an explanation.


At one end, Ninja Van confirmed they never received any package meant to be delivered to me from Lazada, and thus filed a “Lost in Transit” with the latter; At the other end, Lazada (Through Twitter replies) reassured me that my console will be delivered.

Later the day though, Lazada contacted me through email, asking me if I want a refund or a replacement resent. As I want my PS4 in hand, of course I replied I want a replacement. Shockingly in a few hours later, another email arrived stating my order has been cancelled and refunding is in progress. It also stated that if I want the order to be fulfilled, I need to reorder the same thing again in a separate order.

What the actual ****!? I’m furious by this point. I asked for a replacement not a refund! This is made worse that the pricing during/after the fiasco (MYR 1,315, still a fraction cheaper than stores at my local mall that sells at a minimum price of MYR 1,450) is more expensive from when I first ordered the PS4 (MYR 1,279). This incident convinced me Lazada is running a fraud operation.

Not soon after, another reply received from a representative of Lazada via Twitter, stating that they indeed accepted my request for replacement and is “currently” processing it and waiting updates from their relevant department. Unfortunately, an email after confirmed that the refunding has been processed, thus making replacement impossible. I demanded explanations on this matter, but nothing has been resolved even after a couple more Twitter/Facebook replies/exchanges with them.

In the end, a customer service from Lazada finally decided to call me directly, and offered a MYR 50 voucher for my future purchase on Lazada as a sort of compensation on the price difference. Felling defeated, I accepted the voucher and re-order the PS4 at the higher pricing. :/ He even promised to oversee the new order so that it can be processed ASAP. The said “ASAP” took 4 days and another 3 before the delivery finally occurred. ^^; 


Anyway, let us forget the negative experience, shall we?

My PS4 arrived in a huge box filled with plastic airbags for protection during shipping. For some reason the generic box have the printing “LAZADA, Effortless Shopping” on it. Effortless? What a laughing-stock. >,<

The PS4 I got is the standard Jet Black one with 500GB of HDD space. And a single Dual Shock 4 Controller. Unboxing the console is a joy as I finally got my hands on it after so much hardship.


The oddly shaped console itself is similar in size to my busted PS3, thus the new console took the older one’s place on my desktop, the spot directly beneath my custom display case for my Dollfie Dreams.

I’ve set up and downloading stuff into my PS4 for a couple of nights now. Kinda enjoys the fact that you can set it to Rest Mode and yet D/Ls and updates can still run during this mode.


As a user of the Dual Shock 3 for many years now, I find the Dual Shock 4 Controller a welcome upgrade. Aside from all the functions of its predecessor, the DS4 also has built-in speaker! This surprised me as the only other experience I had with a controller with built-in speaker is the WiiMote Controller, which itself not much of a comfortable one to use.

I also like the way they integrate the motion sensor of the controller to use as a sort of mouse cursor when you’re keying in words and characters using the pop-up virtual keyboard during your PS4 navigation. As an older console user, you’ll recall the hassle of typing stuff using the arrow keys and buttons on a standard controller.


I’ve yet to actually buy a proper PS4 game to play as I mainly get this console in preparation for Fate/Extella coming out later the year, but I think I might grab Gundam Breaker 3 when I pay a visit to the nearby mall in the near future. w


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  1. Get gundam breaker 3, the asia english version. You’ll need to have a singapore psn id though afterwards to download updates. Else you can get others but make sure you have the appropriate region psn id or you’ll regret it.

    6th July, 2016 at 11:58

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