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Costume Renewal of an Extella Fate

Slammed over its tasteless choice of a costume for one of the characters, the official updated the said apparel with a new look, hoping to appease the minority of those self-entitled easily offended demographic…


Once again, this is why we can’t have good things… :/

Retracted and renewed due to some sort of self-regulation as the first unveiled costume bears too much of a resemblance to a certain faction’s attire from seven decades back, the renewed outfit looks somewhat passable, although it has lost its original charm that suits (pun intended) our King of Heroes’s personality. ^^;

The said product code will be included in the Velber Box and Regalia Box for PSVita


Aside from the controversial issue, apparently Fate/Extella will utilise a data share feature for its save data.

By uploading your save data onto the PlayStation Network, you can safely sync your save files between your PSVita and PS4, continuing from where you left your game off from one platform to another.


While it may sound like a standard fare to veteran console gamers, this is good news for newcomers to the console world who wish to play on both platforms.

I myself is tempted to get a PS4 as well upon hearing this, as it has been in my wish list to do so for such a long time now… We’ll see if I can manage to save up for one in the near future… Already jumped the fence and ordered one PS4, which should reach my place within the week… orz


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