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Tales From an Extella Fate

While XSEED Games promoting the English localised version of Fate/Extella at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 (E3 2016) currently in progress within the week, their Japanese counterpart too updated the official page with more info on the plot of the game.


From the reactions seen on the visitors of the gaming event, looks like Fate/Extella is gaining a lot of positive first impressions.

Many stated it feels faster, smoother and a lot better than other Musou games of late.

Anyway, while the main story will focus upon the clash between Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae (And Attila as well, seemingly a hidden third faction) over their possession of the Ring of King, Regalia, the various Servants that will join or fight against the respective camps will too get their own sub story


The game, regardless of localisations (Chinese/Korean, Japanese) will be release in November 2016, on both PS4 and PSVita systems.

The English version will however be released in Winter instead. 


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