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Store Bonuses of an Extella Fate

Continuing the hype train are more updates on Fate/Extella

Dengeki Online have released sample illustrations of the store specific bonuses, now fully coloured.


The following bonuses are illustration(s) on various medium, including towel, tapestry, etc…

Keep in mind these are but a selective few samples of the bonuses. There are other store bonuses like DLC costumes for various in-game characters, or a mug cup, as well. =w=

アニメイト: 描き下ろしB2ビックタオル Animate: B2 Big Towel


あみあみ: 描き下ろしA3タペストリー Amiami: A3 Tapestry


ソフマップ: 描き下ろしB2タペストリー Softmap: B2 Tapestry


トレーダー: 描き下ろし特大タペストリー Trader: Gigantic Tapestry


古本市場/フルイチオンライ: 描き下ろしマウスパッド Furuichi Online: Mousepad


楽天BOOKS: 描き下ろしEdyカード Rakuten Books: Edy Card


WonderGOO: 描き下ろしB2タペストリー WonderGOO: B2 Tapestry


These store bonuses are only available to those pre-ordering Fate/Extella from respective (Online & physical) stores (Obviously).

So glad I had PO’d mine on Amiami. Loving the Nero/Tama reverse cosplay. www


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