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Costume Controversy of an Extella Fate

Barely a day after announcing all the premium goodies for the upcoming PS4/PSVita musou styled action game Fate/Extella, looks like the developers are under scrutiny and critical remarks from some external force(s).


Apparently one of the pre-order bonus, the extra DLC costume for Gilgamesh called the Cold-Bloodless Warden outfit, are too much of a resemblance to a certain faction’s attire from the early 20th Century… 

This is why we cannot have good things… :/

Affected packages that include the said product code are the Velber Box and Regalia Box for PSVita. Even the description on the product page have been retracted and replaced by an ambiguous and standard “Gilgamesh Costume Product Code”.


Fear not though, Nero’s Binding Bridal Gown product code will not be affected. w

The affected costume will be revised and will be revealed at later date.


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