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Stage and Guests of PAM16

Moving into the Auditorium of Dewan Sri Pinang where it has a stage filled with seats for its audience, this is where all the guests of Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 Magical Summer performed their interviews and appearances…


It is also the coolest place of the venue thanks to its flow of air conditioning, thus making this a major resting place for many visitors during the course of the two-day event as anywhere else (Especially the main hall) were very humid and sweat-encouraging…

Mostly during the morning and the late evening hours before the closing times, there were showings of anime movies within the Auditorium for the enjoyment of interested parties.

Best of all, they were all free of charge.


Guest(s) stage events were the period when most of the crowd would rushed in and occupy the seats of the Auditorium, partly to avoid to humidity outside and to satiate their curiosity on the guest(s) on stage at the moment.


I didn’t managed to attend fully each and every one of the guest(s) stage as I randomly entered and exited the Auditorium at times due to conflicting schedules with other stuff that happened outside the stage. However I did managed to catch a fair amount of them into my lens: nob-c in his live drawing and Q&A session; Ely and her make-up technique; Siutao and her chest-binding “technique”. w

Kudos to the emcee for bringing some life to the mostly boring (At times) stage. Although his obsession with the Batu Ferringhi beach outing invitation with some of the guests was a bit… creepy. I know it’s a joke but still… XDc


There was a session with all the attending cosplayer guests gathered for a short interview together.

This was the opportunity every photog was waiting for, with blasting flashes and shutters clicking throughout the session as silhouettes of eager triggers flocking the front end of the stage platform. 


Of course there were other individual guest appearances as well, such as Yng Tze, DJ YURiA and LiSA…

A pity I missed out on GARNiDELiA and motsu X DJ KAYA’s stage appearance on Day 2 due to packed schedule and running around…


Just directly outside the Auditorium is a small area between the 2nd floor concourse of the main hall, used as autograph/signature area where guests such as LiSA handing out her signed postcards to those eligible. =w= 


Several cosplayer guests also utilised the same area to have their meet & greet signature session.

I’ve managed to get a two-shot of Tama-chan with Ying Tze, appropriately cosplayed as Nero in her crimson modern dress. w


Siutao as Rem of this season’s series Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. =w= 


And Angie as her twin sister Ram, also from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu.

Tama-chan had her two-shot again, this time with Angie. Lucky! 


Elsewhere, other signing sessions were held at Coscom’s booth within the enclosed tent area. The affiliated cosplayer guests (Such as Tomia and Liui) had their meet & greet in there instead.

Also kinda chance-encountered a random Ying Tze roaming around the area during one of my similarly random trip there. XDc


The two-shots of Tama-chan with Ying Tze and Angie were possible thanks to these photo books, which I bought and brought over to their respective meet & greets for signatures. Ying Tze pretty much immediately recognised Tama-chan and myself already. XDc 

These are not mine however, but a favour for a Singaporean comrade who cannot attend this event in person. Will be bringing these over to him during Anime Festival Asia 2016. =w=


Please stay tuned to my next and final post on PAM16, it will be the highlight of the event: the attending cosplayers!


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