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While indulging in my harem of bed companions (Which incidentally include: a nekkid angel, a couple of rori basketballers, a spicy wolf, a King Kong and an older version of Tama-chan herself…), I’ve got a feeling of loss due to the lack of a proper Dakimakura of a certain nijigen foxy shrine maiden…

Although there are a number of offers through various online shops, most of the designs and artworks are either too NSFW or not suiting my own picky eyes… Until sometime earlier last month when I gazed upon this new entry to Hobby Heart‘s inventory.


Sparing no expense, I immediately placed an order for the Dakimakura cover.

Time skipped to last week, a package finally reached my den. =ω=

While my past dakimakura covers are usually made from 2-way tricot or regular fabric, I opted for the standard peach skin type this time around.

Besides, this material doesn’t require additional charges unlike the others like smooth knit, natural velvet and the aforementioned 2-way tricot…


Laying her flat onto my moe futon, I can attest for superb and detailed print quality.

You can trust my words for being a fellow Tama-chan obsessive individual. XDc

The surface of the Peach Skin emits a slight shiny metallic reflection when compared to other materials, though. 


Time to stuff her up with the daki body!

Uhhh, wrapping her around Tenshi-san just doesn’t quite work… orz

Sorry, Tenshi-san, you’ll need to be removed from your position as my secondary futon companion and get a dip in the onsen before off to the store cabinet you go!


Now that Tamamo gotten herself plumped, I can finally admire her intimately… :P

On the front side, Tamamo is in her default Fate/Extra 蒼色の呪術服 reisou, while on the rear, her Fate/Extra CCC 春色の現代衣装 outfit.


Moving on for a closer look at my beloved Tamamo.

I especially adores her rear print, such pink-ness and some what seductive pose.

POMF intensifies!


There is also a NSFW version of this design (Basically Tamamo is naked on the rear print) on Hobby Heart if that’s how you roll… :3c


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