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If you’re asking me about Knock-Offs of Transformers toys a year back, I may have just laughed you off and disgusted at the words even mentioned.

Up until now, KOs are as always, lower quality copies of the original, usually made from cheaper and more fragile materials. However with the rise of Wei Jiang, my stance on KOs have been slightly changed.

I’m not here to debate the morality of buying KOs rather than the original, just read Optimus’s quote which is also the title of this post. =w=


Wei Jiang’s MPP-10 Deformation Era (Interestingly, seems to be an alternate way to spell OPTIMUS PRIME…), as hinted by its name, is basically a KO of Takara Tomy’s MP-10 Optimus Prime, minus the trailer. I’ve preordered it during New Year’s Eve last year, but due to high demand and low stock, only received it earlier last month.

It seems the box art I got are from the 1st release design, with a stylised artwork of Optimus himself that looks nothing like the product itself, subsequent runs actually have the product shot as the box art instead.

Nevertheless, the over all package seems pretty premium and closely resembles that of the official Transformers Masterpiece line, full with Chinese explanations of various product shots decorated a majority of the rear side of the box.

Standing tall amongst my other Transformers, Deformation Era appears well-proportioned and cool-looking, emitting its almighty Autobot leader aura.

Please bear with me as I will showcase Deformation Era as MP-10 during the course of the post, as both of them are essentially the same.


Moving in closer to gaze upon the magnificence of this awesome Deformation Era…

Instead of translucent clear parts for its eyes like the original mould (Which make them seem lifeless and dimmed), Deformation Era had them covered in sky blue paint, making it more alive and, well, eye-catching. ^^; /badumtss

The rest of the detailing are no jerry-built either, from the wiper blades to the translucent clear parts for the windows and pelvic armour detailing to the chrome lid underneath the chest to the yellow bits just above the windows…


The Autobot insignia on the left shoulder is not originally there. 

Deformation Era actually came with a flat red piece covering the area, the Autobot insignia (A gift from the seller) was added onto the indentation later on after removing the said red piece from its resting slot.


There are several notable differences (Aside from being larger in size) between Wei Jiang’s Knock-Off and Takara Tomy’s original MP-10: Several area on the body are made outta die-cast parts instead of all plastic like the original; Extra paint jobs on moulded details here and there; Pinned finger joints instead of the original’s where individual parts tend to pop off from their slots; The details on the thighs are purposely reversed; 5 vent panels instead of 4 on the shins, which are extended…

These changes alone pretty much “knocked-off” the original in terms of quality and sense of premium. Shame on you, Takara Tomy. :P


While looking much more streamlined and more cartoon/movie accurate, the articulations on this “Masterpiece” however suffered some set backs especially when compared to its earlier incarnation, the MP-01.

Elbows and knees can only turn at an exact 90 degrees, unable to move past the limit at all. Hips are severely limited due to the design of the crotch piece that doesn’t include movable skirts or anything. No Super-hero Landing™ is possible.

Everything else are your standard fare: swivel neck with tilting head, extendable shoulder piece to allow wider arm movement, swivel biceps, poseable fingers at 1 finger-3 fingers setting with fixed thumb, ankle tilt with toe, etc.


True to its source, Deformation Era comes with a chamber with lids underneath its chest that stores his Matrix of Leadership, made out of die-cast metal.


Stored within its back compartment is Deformation Era’s very own Ion Blaster, folded with a gimmick to immediately spring into its gun form at the press of a small lever-button.


The other accessory that comes with Deformation Era is this Energon Axe, as seen briefly in the movie itself.

The Axe is slotted onto Deformation Era’s right fist directly, and it is not compatible at all on the other side due to it being specifically moulded to fit only its right fist.


The axe itself is large and intimidating, unlike the one that comes with the older MP-01 (Not the default red-blue Optimus Prime, the one I have on hand is Optimus Prime Black Version), although the latter one can be switched to its opposite side at will. 


Speaking of which, here’s the comparison between MP-01 and Deformation Era.

While the official MP-10 Optimus Prime (Since I don’t have one, you may check the difference yourself online) reaches about chest height of MP-01, Deformation Era is roughly half a head taller than MP-01!

As you may have notice, MP-01 had trouble in posing due to the design of its ratchet joints, and looks beefier and with more sharp corners than Deformation Era.


Transformation is exactly the same as the official one, the steps are simple (But not too simple) yet complicated enough to warrant the title of a Masterpiece.

*Mechanical whirl* Kuewqookookoo~!


Deformation Era looks and feels as it should be in vehicle mode, capturing the likeness of the cubed-body semi truck it is based upon, but in bright red with silver stripes instead… www

The extra paint jobs provided by Wei Jiang really enhance the details of the vehicle mode. 


Side by side with MP-01, both vehicles look similar in size.

Although pleasing to the eyes, I personally prefer the black colour scheme of MP-01’s.

Hopefully Wei Jiang might come out a repaint version of Deformation Era as well? P


Just like the official one, a mini figure (Albeit larger than the official one www) of Spike Witwicky, the human ally of the Autobots on Earth, is included.

Spike comes with several simple joints that allow him to move around, but is unfortunately a pain to try to make him stand on his own feet.

He can actually sit within the vehicle mode of Deformation Era, simulating him driving the truck around town. :3c


Even though you may already have the original MP-10 in your collection, you may want to consider getting this one as your primary display.

Let’s face it, bigger is better, especially during showing-off sessions. :P

Besides, if you can afford the original, this KO should be no problem for you as well.


Aside from this one, Wei Jiang also produced another iconic Optimus Prime KO, this time from the Bayformers Movieverse… ^_~

Guess what, I also have it on hand! Look forward to my next post on Wei Jiang’s M-01 Commander. www


4 responses

  1. Personally I hate KO…
    Even when their quality is getting better.
    It just doesn’t sit well with me since i develop things as well.
    It simply devalues the original.

    4th May, 2016 at 10:38

    • As I’ve clarified, I won’t judge there. Like what Optimus said on the title of my post. w

      But truly though, I noticed a steep drop of quality from Takara Tomy Transformers line and it’s getting worse by the time passes. There are so many 3rd party upgrade kits for official TF toys or out right developing their own moulds that show the trend of the official going downhill…

      4th May, 2016 at 12:58

      • I don’t mind if they got the license to make them. It’s just that they are riding on the popularity and nostalgia of the series unless they made a different story with drastic design changes not just the name.

        4th May, 2016 at 13:26

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