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Modern Casual Outfit of a Flare Fox

After suffering a couple of delays since earlier this year, Flare‘s rendition of Tama-chan fixed-pose scaled figure is finally being released into the wild! 

Comes packaged in a transparent plastic case, Flare is fully showcasing the figure herself unobstructed to would be admirers.


Pink and white Sakura petals are printed onto the plastic box itself, creating an illusion of 3D falling petals all around the figure.

Here’s an all round look of Tama-chan herself… 

Such a beauty she is! =w=


Based upon a tapestry illustration from Comiket some years back, this Tama-chan figure (Sculpted by French Doll of Cerberus Project TM) is featured in her Fate/Extra CCC casual outfit in a very cute but playful pose.

I mean, just look at her and had your heart goes kyun!


Now moving on for a closer look at Tama-chan herself, starting from her pride and iconic kitsunemimi. :3c

Goodness gracious those details on her white inner ear furs! Having the urge to touch them even though they are made of solid material… orz

The sculpting on her hair style is incredible, from the curls of her bangs that flops over her shoulders to the black hair band that binds them in place… www


Tama-chan confidently showing off her inner deep pink bra top that holds her equally majestic twin peaks together, showing off a deep, blush-inducing cleavage much to the envy of other female Servants. :P

To further enhance her cuteness, she even wears a golden necklace.


Flare sure doesn’t skip on the details on Tama-chan’s pink striped parka, moulding even the head-piece with bunny ears that drapes behind her back. 0w0

Each of her finger nails are decorated with similarly pinkish manicure treatment.

I kind of adore the way the sleeves of her parka covers almost half of her hand…


There are more details to the parka itself, including the zip lock and the zipper teeth lines that covers the frontal portion of the parka.

Tama-chan wears a black, tight hot pants decorated with curvy red edges, showing off her healthy child-bearing hips to the max… XDc


Let us not forget Tama-chan’s signature perky fluffy tail, shall we? w

Although comes off a little too glossy to my taste, the irresistible charm that is Tama-chan’s tail is pretty much the size of her whole torso + hips! *^_^*


Although donning a hot pants instead of a skirt, Tama-chan sports a generous rank A Zettai Ryouiki, much to the delight of her fans like myself.

The figure herself comes with a standard round base printed with Fate/Extra CCC logo, which the twin pegs attached onto the holes of the figure’s platform shoes.


As per the statement I made last time, I rarely collects fixed pose figures, but I would make an exception any day for the love of her fluffiness. www


Aside from some minor gripes on the paint smear and missed-out spots while touching up (That are only visible to naked eyes if you’re observant enough), this figure is a must buy to any and all Tama-chan fans.

Thank you Flare and French Doll, for this lovely sculpt of a Tama-chan. <3


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  1. Nice.

    18th April, 2016 at 10:52

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