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Last Encore of an Extra Fate

The countdown timer ends at Fate/Extella‘s main site!

Announced just a few hours earlier during Anime Japan 2016 are a few Fate Universe projects, amongst them include a couple of anime: Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy, as well as Fate/Extra Last Encore TV animation series!


As a devoted fan of the PSP game series ever since its conception, I must say I’m very excited of the news.

Although the main heroine will be Nero (Which is a given, being a Saber-face and all) but not Tamamo, I’m still interested on how will they adapt the game’s story into the anime series. 

As expected ever since their involvement in creating the OP for CCC, Shaft will be the studio behind the anime series, that will be broadcast next year.

Out of the credited staffs as printed on the official website, Nasu Kinoko and Wada Aruko, the dynamic duo of Type-Moon, will return to handle the scenario and character design respectively.

Note: As of posting, the video by Aniplex is unlisted and region locked. Perhaps Aniplex will officially unlock it after Anime Japan? Here’s an alternate source instead:

Also to commemorate the announcement, a special collab quest will be released very soon in Fate/Grand Order: a couple of Craft Essences bearing the art of the Heaven’s Feel and Last Encore’s key visual.

I will definitely collect these two in my game account. ^_^


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