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Official Announcement of Guests for PAM16

Grander and more awesome than last year‘s, Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 Magical Summer is set to become one of the best ACG event ever happened on my island!


Scheduled to be held at Dewan Sri Pinang + Esplanade Park on the 21st and 22nd of May, PAM16 will probably be hailed as an AFA Mini from now on, judging by the roaring excitement of responses now flooding the official FB page… XDc

Analysing the new floor plan, it seems PAM16 will expand beyond the small indoor area of Dewan Sri Pinang by erecting enclosed outdoor tents with air conditioning! Outdoor concert is still happening as well!

For more info on various other features and attractions, please head to the now fully updated official website. w


There will be a great number of special guests making their appearance during the Matsuri: performing artistes GARNiDELiA, LiSA, motsu X DJ KAYA and DJ YURiA; guests cosplayers Angie, Ely, Liui, Siutao, Sansin, Tomia and Ying Tze.



GARNiDELiA is a two-persons music unit made up of female vocalist MARiA, and music composer toku. The unit made their major debut in March 2014 with “ambiguous”, the opening theme song for the popular TV anime series “Kill la Kill”. Following their debut, many of their songs were subsequently chosen to be used as opening themes for a number of popular TV anime series, some of which includes “The Irregular at Magic High School” and “Reconguista in G”. In January 2015, GARNiDELiA also released their original album “Linkage Ring”, which ranked 7th on the Oricon Daily Ranking; as well as 11th on the Oricon Weekly Ranking. In August 2015, the duo released their Indies Best Album “BiRTHiA”. 15 of the unit’s best representative songs – including ‘ARiA’ and ‘SPiCa’ – from their indies activity days were re-recorded for this album.

Following the successful sell-out of their 3rd One Man Live at the Toyosu PIT in November 2015, they are already planning to hold their 4th One Man Live at the Akasaka BLITZ on 3rd May – a national holiday in Japan – this year.

Official website:


LiSA is a pop-rock/anime song singer from Japan, breaking down genre and language barriers with her powerful live performances and catchy melodies. As the only singer of her kind to headline both anime and rock festivals, she has the uncanny ability to draw in audiences and is a fan favorite on and off stage.

She first came into prominence in 2010 through the hit anime TV series, <Angel Beats!>, as one of the vocalists for the anime’s rock band, “Girls Dead Monster.” The following year, she made her solo major debut and quickly established her playful yet edgy pop-rock sound she had gained through several years of gigging at live-houses. Her earnest and emotional voice caught the attention of anime producers, and she was tapped to sing theme songs for a string of major anime titles, including the iconic “oath sign” for , “crossing field” for the hugely popular , “Rising Hope” for , “Rally Go Round” for , etc., all which helped to strengthen her popularity in both the anime and pop-rock world.

A regular on the Top 10 charts in Japan, LiSA’s concerts are also notoriously hard to find tickets for, having instantly sold out iconic venues such as the Nippon Budokan and Makuhari Messe Conventional Hall for her solo concerts. However, her fan base not only continues to grow exponentially within, but also outside of Japan. She completed her first solo Asia tour (Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore) in 2015 and also performed in Mexico, Boston, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Guangzhou, with fan bases in countries beyond.

2016 marks her fifth anniversary since her solo debut, and she plans to mark the occasion with a series of celebrations named “Hi! FiVE,” including a second mini-album and her biggest nationwide tour to date.

motsu X DJ KAYA

motsu (ex:m.o.v.e/ALTIMA) is the party MC who keeps rocking the Anison and Japan culture events all over the world. His unique performance skill that he cultivated since the beginning of the Japanese rap/dance music scene continues to gain momentum as it boosts audiences across borders and genres. KAYA has hyped up the crowds at overseas events using hit medleys from Anison, VOCALOID, J-POP and dance music. The hottest Japanese Party MC and Party DJ have united to create a fever-pitched experience. This dream team is now available for everyone who wants to dance with the current Japanese music scene. They held many concerts in countries outside of Japan such as Sweden, Singapore, Brazil, Peru. This is exciting show time, called 「motsu×DJKAYA“JAPANATION”」 Finally landing in Malaysia!!


After having spent years as a dancer, YURiA began putting her musical skills and sensibilities to another use and began her DJ career in 2011, creating both varied mixes for dance performances but also experimenting with genre-less compositions. Quickly drawing vast attention for her performances with party brand House Nation, YURiA soon began receiving a flood of guest DJ offers from brand reception parties in Japan as well as events all across Asia. On top of her DJ performances, YURiA is also famed for her wide variety of skills as an entertainer, having performed as a vocalist, and landing numerous appearances on TV, radio, and magazines. From performing as a vocalist on various works to her own creations, it is hard to keep your eyes off her various activities.

Blog –

Twitter –

Facebook –



New rising cosplay star in SEA, Angie has cosplayed more than 100 anime characters since 2008, with each cosplay more impressive than the last through her portrayals of each character. Currently with a whooping 30,000 Facebook fans, she has attended multiple international cosplay event., Angie proves to hold strong support from cosplay fans in South East Asia with her anime like features.




Presented by CosCom, the sweet and charming Taiwanese cosplayer Ely comes to Anime Festival Asia Singapore for the first time.

Ely shot to fame within the cosplay community rise in Taiwan and the East Asian countries with her poignantly beautiful and accurate portrayal of Sakuya from the Touhou series.

With many other portrayals of well-loved characters from games and anime series, each with their own definitive charms and personalities – from the feisty Asuka in the Evangelion series, to the charming Yudachi from Kantai Collection, and the adorably shy Gokotai from Touken Ranbu – Ely continues to charm her fans and supporters with her cosplays, each one better than the last.

Official facebook:








Presented by CosCom, Liui Aquino (commonly known as “Liui”) from the Philippines is the rising cosplay star that fans and cosplay enthusiasts around the region have gradually gotten to know and love in the recent few years.

Liui is blessed with features that allow him to realistically portray well-known favourite characters like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon series, Tadashi from Big Hero 6 and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, amongst many others. The results are simply amazing – liken to having these characters come to live and walk out from the screens!

Official Facebook page:

Official Twitter:

Official Deviantart:



小桃 Siutao is renowned for her attention to detail as well as her versatility, especially when it comes to replicating characters from Kantai Collection. Her wide repertoire of character cosplays is sure to amaze.

Facebook page:

WorldCosplay page:


Presented by Coscom, Korean cosplayer Sansin comes to Singapore for the very first time! Sansin has been rising in the cosplay ranks with her handsome portrayal of Gintoki from the Gintama series.




Proudly presented by Coscom, one of Korea’s most popular cosplayers, Tomia comes to Singapore for the first time in her second overseas convention!

Famous for cosplaying sweet and cute characters from League of Legends, Vocaloid, Sword Art Online and more!

Her sweet looks will charm both male and female fans alike.

Tomia Facebook:

Tomia Worldcosplay:

Ying Tze

Popular and pretty Malaysian cosplayer, Ying Tze returns to Anime Festival Asia Singapore. Known for always interacting and taking care of her fans, Ying Tze has amassed over 67,000 fans on Facebook alone. Ying Tze has also been guested at many cosplay events in the South East Asia region.

Official Facebook page:

Official WorldCosplay page:


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