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「Me Wrath no Big Bozo, Me King!」

Continuing on from the last entry, let’s have a look at Grimlock’s Wrath’s alternate mode.


「Me Grimlock Wrath smash! Me Grimlock Wrath transforms! Me Grimlock Wrath KING!」



Up close and personal with the incredible Wrath…

Just like its Robot Mode, the whole Dinosaur Mode is covered with crazy amount of details (albeit sharing most of them with the former since they are one and the same…).

Wrath is articulated in a number of spots: the ball-jointed tiny dinosaur arms with individual claw hinges; Movable head (Only vertically though, no rotation on neck or horizontal movement…); Snap-action Mouth with sharp set of spiky jaws along with a flame-thrower tongue; Tail segments thanks to the transformation hinges; The dino legs which is essentially Robot Mode’s arms.


True to its source material(s), Wrath can stand upright majestically, with its knees straightened and tail sitting on the floor, just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex of the olden days (Before the later and more popular stance similar to that of a running land-based birds as seen in Jurassic Park movies).

I personally prefer the newer stance as it makes Wrath look more aggressive and menacing. A pity the tail is too thick; It will be more visually pleasing if it’s much thinner. 


The included connectors allow Wrath to mount some of its armaments on its back, creating a more battle-ready intimidation in its alternate mode.

I particularly like the view of Wrath with its mounted double-barrelled self-propelled rocket launcher gun. A bit pity there’s no way you can mount the Energon Sword.

If you have the previous two entries of the Dinobot Combiners (SRK-01 Thunderous AKA Not-Sludge and SRK-02 Growl AKA Not-Snarl), you can utilise Wrath’s “shield” along with some of the cannons (Unfortunately I don’t have them. Look for the pictures online if you will…) from the former to form a gigantic artillery piece on the back of Wrath itself.


Finally, a comparison to G1’s Grimlock (Albeit in G2 colour; I got this one during my childhood…). 

You can definitely see the size difference there, but also notice the many similarities between the two.


Another comparison with an official Transformers Masterpiece I have available in arms reach during the photo shoot. w

Wrath do towers over Soundwave, but only ever slightly. Wish its Robot Mode is much larger though, due to the fact that as a Dinobot, Grimlock Wrath should be gigantic. w

Also, take a note on the details between the third-party Transformer and the official Transformer… Takara Tomy/Hasbro, you really need to raise your efforts… ^^;  


Some fragile designs aside, I’m so content that I’ve finally grabbed a Grimlock look-alike, in Masterpiece size to boot.

Although I won’t be doing so, I do recommend those collecting this series to complete the Shuraking. From the pictures I’ve seen so far, it looks amazingly impressive; More so than the other two Dinobot combiners from different makers!


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