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Wrath of the King

Seven years back, Takara Tomy’s official Transformers Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock was released. It was quite a marvel at the time, a Transformer figure that converts into the classic Tyrannosaurus Rex mode and back to robot mode again. I’ve meant to get it back then (A big fan of dinosaurs AND Transformers) but due to the lack of budget at the time, I had to give up.

And it happened again during the reissue two years back, due to unstable forex (Which slowly but surely killing the currency in my country, even now…) and the bloating of the price. :/ Secondary markets like eBay still have Grimlock on sale, but at almost twice the original price nowadays…


Thankfully, it is the renaissance of Third Party Transformers figures for the past half a decade since the introduction of the ultimate 3rd party Not-Devastator called Hercules (6-in-1 Not-Constructicons) by TFC. Many companies have since been churning out their own versions of various Transformers (Including Grimlock), many of them do look significantly more magnificent than the original ones from Takara Tomy or Hasbro! 

G-Studio (AKA G-Creation)’s Combiners Legend Shuraking SRK-03 Wrath is one of such prized Not-Grimlock, released earlier this year.


Packed in a metallic bling bling UV layered printed package, Grimlock Wrath is the third in line of a total of five Dinobot combiners, which like their name suggested, will be able to form the gigantic Shuraking when combined. The package itself shows Wrath’s triple changer forms: The Robot Mode, the Dinosaur Mode and the Combination Mode.

I’ll skip the Combination Mode in this review since my primary aim is to (Finally!) own this Transformers Masterpiece sized Not-Grimlock, not to collect and complete the Shuraking mode.

Directly out from the package is a triple-layered plastic trays holding Wrath and its various accessories in place. Unfortunately it doesn’t do such a good job as mine has a tear in one of the layer, most probably due to the mass and weight of this thing… ^^;

Aside from the main figure itself, a series of instruction sheets and a collectible card are included as well.


Out from its plastic prison, Wrath is no doubt a splitting image of Grimlock itself, albeit with tons of extra details and a more IDW inspired overall sculpt. ^_~


The suspicious indentation beneath the clear chest piece is where Grimlock’s Autobot logo should be. Since this is a 3rd party figure, G-Studio left it empty so not to infringe on the intellectual property owned by Takara Tomy and/or Hasbro.

Well, you can easily obtain the seal stickers of the logo and put it on yourself, which I’ll surely do when I get mine which will be a freebie from another 3rd party Transformer… 


A close-up to various parts of Wrath itself.

Articulation wise, Wrath is fully poseable with some limitation on the elbows and shoulders, but is totally flexible on other known heavy ratchet joints. 


Such wonderful details! The golden-coloured chest piece, the blood-red abdomen and the flat grey base colour really brings out the Grimlock-ness it is based upon.

If there is a complain of mine, it is the weak design at the knee joints, held together via a single peg from a panel at the inner side of the legs, which is part of the transformation process.


Wrath comes with heaps of accessories and connectors, many of them meant for the Combination Mode.


Wrath’s primary weapon include a double-barrelled self-propelled rocket launcher gun and its signature Energon Sword.


Both weapons are meant to be held with Wrath’s right hand, as the design of the peg on the grip of the gun/sword is off-centred. No luck for those who preferred their Transformers left-handed.

Note that unlike MP-08’s light-up gimmick on its right hand, Wrath does not have such trick.


Meant for the Combination Mode, the Shuraking’s gigantic chest and pelvic piece can be utilised as sort of shield (A bit forced though) by Wrath, connected onto its forearm via an extra connector.

Due to its heavy weight though, Wrath won’t be able to effectively lift the “shield”, even with its strong ratchet joints…


Originally built onto Wrath itself, I’ve taken the liberty of removing Shuraking’s head from the main figure.

The head is supposed to fit inside the cavity of the Dinosaur Mode’s neck, which is now filled with the golden pieces (two halves that combined into one, originally attached on the rear side of the “shield”…) meant to be parts-formed swapped when converted into T-Rex.


The Shuraking head is basically an alternate take on Grimlock’s original head sculpt, but comes with a removable mouth piece that reveals its more devilish and aggressive-looking jaws.

I kinda like the EVA-esque sinister look, if only this feature is available on Wrath’s head instead…


That’s it for Wrath’s Robot Mode, for now.

Please look forward to my next post on Wrath’s T-Rex Dinosaur Mode… ^_^


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