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A Wonderful Hobby Preview of a Foxy Figma

Well it’s about dang time!


Today is the day the bi-annual WonFes is held in Japan, bringing many protoypes of upcoming figures and stuff to the public.  

After all these years of suggesting to GSC via various channels (Direct contact with their staff and boss like Mamitan and Aki-san, polls, etc…), they have finally decided to consider to make a Figma of Tama-chan!


She looks absolutely gorgeous in her 1/12 form.


Will definitely PO her when she’s up. ^~^

And since it’s GSC, surely Nendoroid ver. of Tama-chan will come as well? W00t my Tama-chan shrine grows larger!


3 responses

  1. Is it just me or her boobs are bigger and slightly sagging?

    7th February, 2016 at 11:38

  2. If Tama gets a nendoroid treatment, I will definitely get her too. I still need to secure myself a Nero nendoroid as well. I need my Best Saber! Umu~

    7th February, 2016 at 18:00

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