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Needle Within Me

Last Friday, as I awoken from my slumber early in the late midnight, I found my mouth full of liquid substance.

Thinking it is just the usual spit, I’ve unloaded the contents as I’m heading towards the wash room, only to discover the goo was slimy and coloured in deep blood-red.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that blood has gushed out from my gum between the fangs non stop. Alarmed, I was rushed to the emergency at the local General Hospital for treatment and consultation. ^^;


I was hospitalised for a few hours at the ER ward for some check-up, with a needle sticking into the back of my hand. Not really fond of foreign objects within, though…>,< 

Some sample of my blood was extracted for further analysis, but thankfully the result returned fine. Thanks to that I now have a few holes on both of my arms (More specifically: the back of my hand and both of my elbow pits).

Curiously, blood extraction is not possible on my left arm but the operation is smooth on my right. Is it due to my left-handed-ness which resulted in a denser muscle that kinda clog the blood vessels? 


In the end, it was determined that I have high blood pressure, which might be the cause of the bloody gum due to a possible blood burst. I was later pointed towards the dental department to check-up my gum (Along with getting an X-ray of my teeth) just to be sure. Luckily no more bad news at that site aside from learning that I still have some milk teeth left with a total of 5 missing teeth but as strong as ever XDc. 

Today, I paid another visit to the doctor, this time at a clinic elsewhere referred to by the General Hospital. Another blood extraction was performed and medications prescribed. Looks like my blood pressure is still as high as ever and I’ll need to control it via pills.

This and all so close to the festive season, only a week away to Lunar New Year. >,< Oh well. Hopefully my health won’t be affected too much. Gonna try to enjoy the celebration in lighter mode with Tama-chan.


3 responses

  1. I have High Blood as well but I am not taking any medicines even though the doctor advised me to. :D

    1st February, 2016 at 18:05

  2. shinnstargazer

    Oh my gosh! take care mate

    3rd February, 2016 at 17:05

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