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キャス狐スレ: 日ノ本のゆうさん

More Tama-chan cosplayers? You bet!

ゆうさん came to my attention when I stumbled upon her shared pics on Twitter RTs.


I’m a simple Master, I see a Tama-chan cosplayer, I definitely must featured her in my collection of キャス狐スレ… :P

Most of her cosplay piccies are heavily post-processed with high contrast and colourful effects, which kind of reminds me a lot of the antics from the likes of them Korean cosplay divas Tomia and Aza Miyuko. www

Like most cosplayers, she cosplays a variety of characters from many anime series, such as the Fate series, Dangan Ronpa, Vocaloid, Idolm@ster, Kantai Collection, etc. 


A very fine foxy miko indeed, aside from her rather thin tail… :P


Nothing much is known about ゆうさん, as her Twitter account yu_know_what is only a front for her to post her cosplay pics, not really her personal twitter handle at all. 


Upon further research however, I found a profile at Cure with similar handle name and the profile pic do kinda resembles ゆうさん herself, which I believe is the same person.

Unfortunately, similar to her Twitter, the profile doesn’t contain much info and lack of any public pics aside from the profile pic.


Apparently she’s been very cautious of revealing herself, only ever sharing her cosplay pics on Cure to her personal fan club (Which I’m currently in the process of joining, just awaiting confirmation from her).


Please take a look @

If you do know her personally and find that my discovery is incorrect, please do drop me a message so I can point to the right one. ^_^

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