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Hey! 提督ぅー。 いつも頑張ってるけど、あまり無理はしないで欲しいデース!

Reached me door steps some time during early December via EMS, is Kongou Kai II from Bandai x Tamashii Nations Armour Girls Project of the ever popular browser game Kantai Collection.

There was supposed to be another parcel, shipped via unregistered SAL, that should be arrived at around the same period, but it never delivered even to this date.


The said parcel contains the add-on wave effect part for this Kongou, along with Takara Tomy’s Blackarachnia.

I’m afraid it has been lost during the holidays (Or the Postal Dude stole it to be their Christmas presents… D:), and upon contact Amiami refused to reimburse or help me over the matter since it doesn’t have a registered tracking number… T^T

Anyway back to Kongou… She came in such an abnormally long but thin package, unlike the usual box of other figures that tend to be thicker and squarish.

Box art wise, the front displays the kanmusu herself along with large decoration of text announcing her identity. XDc

On the rear end, various piccies of her extra features as well a some detailed info on the battle cruiser. =w=


Kongou herself sits within a single, double-layered plastic tray, complete with her other accessories including her 3 extra face plates, 5 pairs of hands, her tea set of a cup and a saucer, her battle armaments (In pieces) as well as various parts to form the standing base.

The main standing base itself is packed together with the instruction sheet in a separate sachet.


Here’s AGP Kongou Kai II  freed from her plastic prison. =w=

Upon brief inspection, I find no major flaw with the figure herself aside from a small uneven paint job on the inner side of one of her sleeves, as well as a tight right shoulder joint.

Bandai sure have improve their workmanship on the kanmusu ever since the disaster that is AGP Yamato. 


Apparently Bandai chose to abandon the attempt to paint on her hair, which is the main reason of AGP Yamato’s QC nightmare. Kongou’s hair feels semi glossy at best, and her hair strands are jointed (Two bunches behind her head) and flexible.

I like the way they incorporate the face plate changing on Kongou: you’ll need to detach the buns on each side of her head before you can remove the front part of her hair, including the antenna head band. Only then you can change the face plate… XDc


Such lovely expressions and poseabilities. <3

And incredibly detailed sculpt of her pantsu as well as her oshiri x thighs… 0w0


And of course being a England-born battlecruiser, Kongou shared their stereotypical peculiar taste for a sip of an English tea, thus the tea-cup and the saucer accessories.

Too bad for the lack of a teapot, though… www


Mounting Kongou’s magnificent armaments will require the use of the given clear standing base (Which reminds me a lot of Gunpla action base), as the weight will topple her here and there without the necessary supports.

Some assembly and runner-tree nipping required.


Here’s be Kongou, fully equipped with her Kai II armament, a classic back pack mode reminisce of the original browser game’s design.

It is full of turrets and cannons along side with various sub systems… 


All the turrets and cannons on the equipment are movable individually, including the barrels as well as the smaller guns on the turrets themselves.

「Burning… LOVE!」


However, the similarities end there, as Bandai pulled a Super Robot on Kongou herself, allowing her equipment to unfold into a more mobile and agile version of itself which kinda functions like extra manipulators/arms for the kanmusu.

This is especially true for her sister, a P-Bandai limited AGP Haruna Kai II.. 


By bringing the manipulators forward, Kongou can form a sorta makeshift shield by combining the two halves of the armour pieces (An element of the battle cruiser’s bow) located at either end of the equipment.

Kongou, a battle cruiser maiden that can tank and bombard her way to victory. XDc


Various joints and a wide range of articulations allow some great and cool posing of Kongou in battle.


Another panchira to end this review. :P 


Over all, I’m quite satisfied with the outcome of this action figure, dispelling my previous worries due to the “Yamato Incident”… 0w0

Pity on the add-on wave effect parts though. It would certainly compliments the battlecruiser in action.  


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  1. Gah! I’m tempted but i really need to stop…T^T

    8th January, 2016 at 01:22

    • Once you’ve started you’ll never ever stop… =w=

      9th January, 2016 at 11:46

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