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I am a Jedi, Like My Father Before Me

Previously during my post on LEGO Star Wars 5002948 C-3PO, I mentioned that I got him along with an extra.

Not really an extra per se as I had to pay for it too, but the combined price of both LEGO sets did allowed me to be eligible for free shipping. So why not? w  


The LEGO Star Wars 75111 Darth Vader set I got some time before is a powerful Sith Lord. And he needed a challenge in the form of a Jedi opponent. Here’s where the LEGO Star Wars 75110 Luke Skywalker set comes in.

Hailed from the same line as Vader, the Buildable Figure allows you to assemble your Luke Skywalker piece by piece, and contains a number of joints and accessories for lots of posing fun.

Upon unloading the box, a couple sachets of LEGO parts is found along with the base frame, a green lightsaber blade piece and the instruction manual.


Luke is a simpler build than Vader, with fewer pieces to snap-on and lock-on.

Don in an over all black LEGO pieces, Luke is based upon his tight leather suit get-up during his time in the Battle of Endor, from The Return of the Jedi. 


A closer look at the young Jedi.

As I mentioned during Vader’s review, Luke does look surprisingly skeletal at best. The worst being his over exposed pelvic region, where you can blatantly see the connecting sockets… ^^;

Although the armour pieces covering the base frame makes him at least more eye-pleasing, he still looks a bit too bulk up (Yet skeletal! How conflicting that is!), unlike his light frame as depicted in the movie.


Just like his father before him, fine details of the suit are printed onto the LEGO pieces, removing the need for external application of seal stickers.

Luke comes with a few accessories: his iconic green bladed lightsaber, a holstered lightsaber hilt, and a blaster that can be stashed beside his thigh.

I personally adore the blaster as it look quite authentic to its movie counterpart even though it is made up of LEGO pieces. 


Just like the final act of the movie when Luke purposely surrenders himself to the Empire on Endor, this set also comes with a handcuff to lock the young Jedi in place before he is brought by Lord Vader himself to the meet Emperor on the Death Star II.  

「The Emperor has been expecting you.」

「I know… father.」


The final clash between father and son thus erupted…

「I will not fight you, father.」

「You are unwise to lower your defences!」


Luke and Vader do look well together on display!

「You couldn’t bring yourself to kill me before and I don’t believe you’ll destroy me now.」

「You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.」


Speaking of Star Wars, The Force Awakens movie is finally here!

I’ll be having my watch by tomorrow morning so let us indulge in the greatest hype of the past 3 decades!


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