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Acquisitions of the Trip

Although I’ve finished all my reports on my Anime Festival Asia 2015 experience, I’ve yet to showcase my acquisitions from the course of this pilgrimage. =w=

I barely spent a dime fortune within the exhibition halls, only really gotten a couple of stuff (And a DIY) from the GSC booth… A majority of my real prizes came from outside the event itself… 

Anyway, many thanks to the organisers, I’ve managed to obtain a pass to enter the halls and stage area as a, well, media. ^^;


For this I salute the ones involved in the decision to set aside one pass for me. o7

Apparently there are two levels for Media passes: only those with Media (1) enjoy the privilege to snatch piccies during the stage events normally prohibited to regular visitors and Media (2) holders. 

Back to my loots.

On the Eve of AFA, I’ve paid a visit to Funan DigitaLife Mall with comrade Yamada of Brunei (Along with his companion), and spotted this baby on promotion there.

Originally cost somewhere near SGD 200 mark, the promoted price of this Case Logic camera/laptop combo back pack is SGD 139.90. Due to forex rates of my currency, I’ve been in dilemma the whole night after, but decided to get it anyway on the next day after I took an early leave from an exhausting Day 1 of AFA.

Furthermore, I’ve managed to engage in a tug of haggle battle with the promoter until the price reached SGD 100. That’s basically 50% off its original price already! w


Comes with many velcro padding pieces for customisation, the backpack is a good alternative to my usual shoulder sling camera bag. It comes with many compartments for storage of various stuff, and also a slot to fit my ageing laptop or plastic .

It also offers an area to store and protect your important documents while you’re going around. Best yet, the backpack comes with its own raincoat for liquid protection. XDc


On the night of the day I reached Singapore, I went to the Golden Village cinema at Plaza Singapura for a screening of the Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova Cadenza movie, supposed to be the last show before they took it down.

As a freebie, all movie attendees get a printed shikishi of the anime’s seiyuu. I got myself Kongou and Hiei’s. =w= Kongou in her new dress is absolutely gorgeous in this movie. 

On another note, I’d only learned of the fact through comrade Yamada that two more shows were held after AFA (Meaning the last show I went to is a lie), only after my trip… Pity he failed to catch it as it was our intention to watch this together but his flight was a day after I went for the movie, and he also failed to do so after AFA.


Now onto the loots directly from the exhibition halls of AFA.

Got a couple of Nendo play sets (Japanese Room Set B and Western Room Set A) directly from the Good Smile Company booth, for SGD 35 each. Apparently their price are the most competent when compared to other retailers around the halls.

Have yet to get around unboxing them, in fact I’ve yet to unbox a couple of Nendos I got months before as well… orz



Met up with a fellow “Celestial” team (Guild) member from Phantasy Star Online 2, Sylixe, while we’re within the exhibition halls.

It’s our first time to actually get together face-to-face, and he gave me these PSO2 two ear phone jack mascots: a Lilipan and a Rappy, as gifts of our encounter. They look so cute. =w=  



Also took the challenge to customise a Nendo face plate at the GSC booth. Not really a smooth job (I found my hands shaky after all the exhaustion), but not too shabby I suppose. XDc

I was trying to replicate that funny expression of Fate/Grand Order’s KohaAce inspired GudaGuda chibis onto the face plate if you’re wondering. :P


Lastly, while I was at the boarding gate awaiting to get onto my flight home at the end of the AFA trip, I was approached by a staff at the Changi Airport and were handed a Gingerbread Man Cookie, as a token of Christmas celebration. ^_^ It was a delicious cookie. 

They’re also handing out Star Wars rubber straps (Which I didn’t grab) and had a photo session (With a Sith and Lightsabers) nearby to promote the upcoming Episode VII movie. 


And with that, marks the end of my AFA trip. I’ll be sure to visit again next year!

3 responses

  1. Not much loot this time?

    15th December, 2015 at 12:11

    • Not much loot every time actually. My usual haul is through Amiami and elsewhere XDc

      15th December, 2015 at 12:18

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