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Stage Events @ AFA15

This should be the conclusion to all my experiences during the 3 days of AFA. 

While in past years, most of my Stage Area experiences bordered to only on-site-experience as photography during session is prohibited.

This year though I’ve managed to snap some shots (Of those allowed of course), so here they are for your eyes only. =w=


Of those no-photo sessions though, these panels remained in my memory vividly: Show Hayami’s voice during the course of Goshiusa panel, Mayayan’s magic during Charlotte panel, Akkarin~!!! during Yuruyuri panel, the Japanese comedy skit and Saitama sensei during One Punch Man panel.

Skipped the ARCC and Garakowa movie session though, due to limit of my schedule for the 3 days. 

Quite a number of attending guest cosplayers this year: Angie, Ying Tze, Liui, Ely, Jun & Neru, Kaname, Hana & Baozi, Otogi Nekomu, Siutao, Sansin and Tomia.

The session, emcee by once again Danny Choo, only serves to briefly introduce them to the audience, showcasing their past (And most juicy www) pics and announcing their participation for the 3 days. Cues fanboy/girl scream during most of the session. w


While all forms of recording devices are off-limits during most of them stage events (Featured anime seiyuu/director interview sections) and performances (Such as the comedy skits), the performance by lively members of the Real Akiba Boyz is an exception.

I first came into contact with this group through one of their recorded Niconico vids of them dancing to the tune of anisong, in particular Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, months before AFA15. It’s an eye-opening experience to witness their energetic choreography on stage.


Aside from the main stage area, there is a mini stage within the exhibition halls as well, which is open to all visitors within.

There are a few random performances by local talents over the AFA days, such as this pianist…

Didn’t stay too long for these though as I’m kinda distracted with everything going all around me at once within the halls. ^^;


There are a few mini live concerts and autograph sessions occurred during the three days of AFA15, but I’ve only really paid a visit to that area, within the halls, on the last day, due to how congested it is all the time.

Managed to catch Hanamori Yumiri, Endo Yurika and MICHI during their respective mini live. Their fans and the attending crowd are so much high in tension. w


Being a free zone, photogs and fans alike are not barred from taking shots at the seiyuu that appears on the mini stage for their autograph session(s). Such acts are prohibited on the larger stage area on the other end of the floor.

Managed to attend Mayayan and Mimorin’s, but missed out on Ayacchi and Akkarin~!’s… Nevertheless, the pair looked so good in their one-piece dress, in such close distance. XDc

Note to self: I should get a better lens next year with better zoom capability. 


And that ends my over all documentation of Anime Festival Asia 2015.

Oh wait, there’s more! Pre and post AFA acquisitions are next! You think I’ll return to my island empty handed after this trip? :P


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