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Even More Guests for AFA15

The neverending updates flooding in as Anime Festival Asia 2015 draws closer and closer! 

I Love Anisong Opening Act: USAGI & AkatsukiRin


USAGI: 18 years old, Singapore Awarded a Grand Prix prize of Asia Anisong-Singer Audition(AAA) held at Anime Festival Asia(AFA)2014 in Singapore twitter: instagram: youtube:

AkatsukiRin: Previously known as RINRIN, she is the singer that was awarded the Grand Prix at the Anisong Singer Audition in Anime Festival Asia 2014. Her debut as the singer of SonyMusicRecords has been scheduled in spring of 2016.


Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador)

A lot of modern idols have ties with school festivals! Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador) is special and mixes in creative stuff! There are currently 10 members and they have participated in creations such as voice acting, illustrating, cosplays and choreographers. pixiv’s project on producing stars, Tsukudol!, focuses on mixing idols with creators.

Members from Nijicon that will be performing at AFA Singapore:

Tsurumi Moe, Cosplayer: @tsurumi_moe

Okumura Nonoka, Cosplayer: @okumura_nonoka

Matoba Karin, Choreographer: @matoba_karin

Nemoto Nagi, Illustrator: @nemoto_nagi

Nagata Minari, Cosplayer: @nagata_minari


Chihara Seiji

In 1989, he formed the Chihara Brothers, together with Chihara Junior.

He is not only a comedian, but is active in dramas as an actor.

Furthermore, he is active both within and outside Japan, going overseas for location shoots monthly.

Jinnai Tomonori

In 2011, he achieved success in a solo performance in South Korea. He embarked on his world tour “Tomonori Jinnai World Live Tour 2014 Road to LAS VEGAS ~Dare mo Tatta koto no nai Butai he~”.

With the help of Australian comedian Chaddo aka Chad Mullane as his teacher, his punchlines were converted into English, exciting a capacity crowd.

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