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It’s time to finally unveil the last outfit from Tama-chan’s official MyRoom wardrobe as seen in Fate/Extra CCC.

A commission placed over a year ago at my usual seamstress (Tama-chan’s past outfits are all her masterpieces), Rana really went all out and outdid herself this time around. 


太陽の神話礼装, the outfit obtained once near the end of the game itself, is one of the 5 available outfits (漆黒の魔術服, the default costume in CCC; 蒼色の呪術服, the default costume of the previous game; 春色の現代衣装, a modern style usamimi parka; せくすぃーびきに, a white bikini) you can have Tama-chan wear during the course of the game.

太陽の神話礼装 is an outfit based upon her origin self, Amaterasu.

Clad in a rather revealing outfit (Holy shitapai www), complete with golden pieces all around and a puffy pants, this outfit reminds me a lot of those Egyptian goddess designs. XDc


I might need to upgrade Tama-chan with a DDIII one-piece body in the future, seeing her belly is so exposed with this outfit (Same as the bikini) that the seams between her DD-L bust and the Wersaze soft abdomen part is an eyesore… orz

But in doing so means I have to buy the said one-piece body, a new set of DDIII arms as well as the DDIII legs. Basically a whole new body (Her current one is a heavily modified DDII), from Volks.

Don’t think I can do so any time soon. :/


Anyway, there are a few minor flaws on the outfit itself.

The two halves of the golden belt are designed to hold together via a couple of small buttons, but they are a little fragile at best and tends to undone itself often.

Also, one of the hanging threads (I have no idea what you call those ^^;) by each side of the belt came undone as well, I’ll have to try to fix it later.


BTW, I’ll be bringing Tama-chan in her goddess getup to my AFA15 trip next week. Do say hi to her if you come across her during the con. :3 


4 responses

  1. That outfit looks awesome! Custom outfit is always awesome but my local seamstress is still far behind lol

    20th November, 2015 at 01:38

    • My seamtress is not a local. She’s a Singaporean.

      20th November, 2015 at 13:49

  2. Wow sexy :3

    20th November, 2015 at 11:16

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