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More Guests for AFA15

More in line for the guests that will be making appearances at Anime Festival Asia 2015.


The Featured Anime: Charlotte stage will have another special guest as well.



Asai Yoshiyuki

Born January 1973 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Mr. Asai began his career as an animator in early 1990s.

In the first half of 2000s, he was involved in multiple anime works as a storyboard artist and episode director.

He later became involved as assistant director on STAR DRIVER: Takuto of The Radiance as well as Captain Earth.

This year, he made his full directorial debut on the hit anime Charlotte.

Day Stage: Mr Asai will be joined by Maaya Uchida and Lia, as special guest for the Charlotte featured stage segment, happening on Sunday, 29 November 2015. All holders of Exhibition + Stage, Concert GA and Concert VIP tickets are eligible for entry.




From young, she was raised in an environment filled with western, rock and sometimes folk music as her mother was a vocalist and vocal trainer. In middle school, before it was disbanded, she was the drummer and vocalist in her school’s “kei-on” club, performing in events and concerts while immersing herself in music.

Upon entering a music school, she has put her full focus into becoming a vocalist. She slowly gained popularity upon uploading her own singing works onto video sites starting in June 2010. She made her first public performance at the popular live event ETA in December 2013, surprising not just the audience, but fellow performers and organisers with her overwhelming singing ability.

With the voice that evokes emotions in listeners she has been active in the internet scene as a powerhouse female vocalist. However, whenever she is not singing, she is actually a soft-spoken character. According to her, “I don’t usually think about much normally, but I put in all my effort when I sing”. 

Official site:

Official YouTube channel:

Official Niconico Douga page:

Official Twitter page:

Official Instagram account:


In March 2010, he became as a Vocaloid producer with his post of “Kokuhaku”, after previously being involved with a band. The name mikitoP comes from his use of the Vocaloid “miki’ when he first started out. From the release of “SECRET DVD” onwards, he has been mainly using Hatsune Miku to produce his music.

The release of “Sayoko” in August 2011 collected over 100 thousand views, leading to the production of more hits such as “Shinzou Democracy” and “Setsuna Plus”. In August 2012, his most representative work, “Ii Aru Fanclub” was released, and has gathered over 3.3 million views to date.

His numerous works after that generate attention on him as a popular Vocaloid producer, with works such as “Sarishinohara” and “Yuudachi no Ribbon”. With guitar at the centre, his music has ranged from sentimental songs that strikes at your heart as well as cute, pop tunes.

He has also approached to provide music for other people. His first single using his own vocals was released in July 2015. 

Official site:

Official twitter page:

Official niconico douga page/ community page:

Official YouTube channel:

Official blog:


After having spent years as a dancer, YURiA began putting her musical skills and sensibilities to another use and began her DJ career in 2011, creating both varied mixes for dance performances but also experimenting with genre-less compositions. Quickly drawing vast attention for her performances with party brand House Nation, YURiA soon began receiving a flood of guest DJ offers from brand reception parties in Japan as well as events all across Asia. On top of her DJ performances, YURiA is also famed for her wide variety of skills as an entertainer, having performed as a vocalist, and landing numerous appearances on TV, radio, and magazines. From performing as a vocalist on various works to her own creations, it is hard to keep your eyes off her various activities.







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