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It’s been a full year since the announcement and the limited time pre-order period of the Macross Frontier x Volk collaboration, Dollfie Dream Sheryl Nome and Dollfie Dream Sister Ranka Lee… The long wait has finally ended when Volks deliver the shipments of these songstress to their owners all over the world.

Due to overwhelming response during the pre-order phase, Volks has opted to do three different delivery periods of the shipments, one at the end of each month starting from the 31st of October.


Luckily my DDS Ranka Lee belongs to one of the earlier shipments, reaching the mainland shores just opposite my island in about a week’s time after leaving the factory on the 4th of November.

Unfortunately, due to her excessive value and the size of the package, Ranka-chan has been detained by the Customs during the just passed mid-week. It wasn’t until the weekend of the same week that I was able to rescue her by paying a modest amount of ransom fees.

Thankfully the amount isn’t that overwhelming as I initially predicted the fees might consist of 6% + 10% tax on top of the total value + shipping. Even the officer in charge is kind enough for giving a slight discount. XDc

Anyway, DDS Ranka Lee is my first official Dollfie Dream I got directly from Volks itself, as Tama-chan is a custom and doesn’t really count as a DD nowadays due to her extreme makeover and customisation. orz

Unlike the usual generic yellow box (With a single sticker label indicating its contents) of the past, Ranka Lee comes in a sort of premium printed sliding sleeve atop a silver coffin… ^^;


Protected in a large piece of bubble wrap, Ranka’s DDS body is fully secured in the box via a couple of straps.

Bringing her out and removing the platform underneath reveals a couple of wigs, an instruction booklet, a water-slide decal sheet, an assortment of accessories and the main outfit Ranka wears during her performance in the final movie.


Aside from that, I also got her optional outfits as well, namely the Seikan Hikou dress set and the Nyan Nyan Seifuku dress set


Before going any further though, I’ll need to reinforce various parts of the DDS body with these third-party aluminium alloy parts I got from Cool Cat many, many moons ago. ^_^


The said mods are the wig cap, the neck part, the protective rings for shoulder-blade peg holes and the reinforce rings for the hip joints…

I also took the opportunity to loosen up some of the screws around the inner frame, to soften the friction between the joints, thus lessen the danger of developing cracks and breaks…


Due to time constrain, I put Ranka only in her Nyan Nyan Seifuku for a few quick shots. :P


Being my first time to actually handle a DDS body, I’m quite surprised at its superb poseability. 

The extend-able hip joints allow Ranka to place her thighs close to her chest, which the older DDII body can’t unless modified with third-party soft body parts (Like Tama-chan’s)… By 


Will try out Ranka’s other outfits on later dates. Stay tuned!


7 responses

  1. I see. The mods are to reinforce the peg holes so they don’t break.
    Congrats on her arrival by the way.

    17th November, 2015 at 00:26

  2. Volks have been upping their packaging for a while. Rankas box looks very reminicent of the KOS-MOS packaging (but lacks the gorgeous artwork) but even Alisa had a white box with a very large photo slapped on it. The last DD I got with the old yellow box was, I think, Shinguji Sakura…

    Sadly, my Sheryl has arrived but will be kept hostage by my postal service for a little while longer…

    17th November, 2015 at 10:19

    • The only time I see these kinda premium sleeves are the pre-order projects (Saber Alter and Nero last year). Regular lotteries are still yellow boxes I think?

      17th November, 2015 at 12:42

      • Nah, alisa was a lottery DD so their packaging has definitely levelled up. But the best box designs do seem limited to pre-order ones.

        17th November, 2015 at 16:09

        • Can’t blame them. Probably under direct order from licensor so to not tarnish the latter’s image. w

          17th November, 2015 at 16:15

  3. Ranka really is adorable! ♥ Congrats!

    20th November, 2015 at 05:20

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