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Guest Cosplayers of AFA15

With Anime Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore drawing closer, and the Indonesian AFAID15 just completed, the officials finally started to release more info on the event (AFA15) itself, which will occur at the end of next month.


While we have yet to be given the name list of seiyuu guests and other ACG industry giants, it seems like the attendance of a number of well-known guest cosplayers have been confirmed…

Out of these announced guest cosplayers, I’ve already met more than half of them in person, some of them even had a two-shot with Tama-chan before during past events!



Presented by CosCom, the sweet and charming Taiwanese cosplayer Ely comes to Anime Festival Asia Singapore for the first time.

Ely shot to fame within the cosplay community rise in Taiwan and the East Asian countries with her poignantly beautiful and accurate portrayal of Sakuya from the Touhou series.

With many other portrayals of well-loved characters from games and anime series, each with their own definitive charms and personalities – from the feisty Asuka in the Evangelion series, to the charming Yudachi from Kantai Collection, and the adorably shy Gokotai from Touken Ranbu – Ely continues to charm her fans and supporters with her cosplays, each one better than the last.

Official facebook:








Presented by CosCom, Liui Aquino (commonly known as “Liui”) from the Philippines is the rising cosplay star that fans and cosplay enthusiasts around the region have gradually gotten to know and love in the recent few years.

Liui is blessed with features that allow him to realistically portray well-known favourite characters like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon series, Tadashi from Big Hero 6 and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, amongst many others. The results are simply amazing – liken to having these characters come to live and walk out from the screens!

Official Facebook page:

Official Twitter:

Official Deviantart:




Presented by Coscom, Korean cosplayer Sansin comes to Singapore for the very first time! Sansin has been rising in the cosplay ranks with her handsome portrayal of Gintoki from the Gintama series.




Proudly presented by Coscom, one of Korea’s most popular cosplayers, Tomia comes to Singapore for the first time in her second overseas convention!

Famous for cosplaying sweet and cute characters from League of Legends, Vocaloid, Sword Art Online and more!

Her sweet looks will charm both male and female fans alike.

Tomia Facebook:

Tomia Worldcosplay:



Ying Tze

Popular and pretty Malaysian cosplayer, Ying Tze returns to Anime Festival Asia Singapore. Known for always interacting and taking care of her fans, Ying Tze has amassed over 67,000 fans on Facebook alone. Ying Tze has also been guested at many cosplay events in the South East Asia region.

Official Facebook page:

Official WorldCosplay page:


小桃 Siutao is renowned for her attention to detail as well as her versatility, especially when it comes to replicating characters from Kantai Collection. Her wide repertoire of character cosplays is sure to amaze.

Facebook page:

WorldCosplay page:


Otogi Nekomu

Once voted as the most beautiful girl in Akihibara, Otogi Nekomu is a popular cosplayer signed under HoriPro. A lover of manga and anime, Otogi Nekomu aspires to be a manga artist one day.

Otogi Nekomu comes to Singapore for the first time in Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015!




Celebrity cosplayer KANAME☆ will welcome his wave of fans and visitors alike with his amazing cosplays. From Cloud of “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children” to Ichigo of “Bleach” and Portgas D.Ace of “One Piece”, KANAME☆ continues to wow with his high level of quality and realism in his cosplays. KANAME☆ is currently the cosplay Ambassador for Anime Festival Asia

Cosplayer Archive:




Jun & Neru

Rising cosplay stars from Japan, JUN & NERU are making waves in Japan’s cosplay scene and around Asia as well. Having been to Vietnam, Thailand and Phillipines, JUN & NERU will finally make their first convention visit in Singapore only at AFA SG 15!

JUN & NERU rose to fame with their accurate portrayals of FREE!, Touken Ranbu and Haikyuu! characters.

JUN Worldcosplay:

JUN twitter:

NERU Worldcosplay:

NERU twitter:


Having cosplayed more than 100 anime characters under her belt since 2008, Angie’s adorable looks and accurate portrayals have brought her waves of fans. Now a popular figure and regular guest at South East Asia cosplay events, don’t miss Angie at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015.



Hopefully I can bump into them randomly during the event, but surely they will be surrounded by walls of bodyguards, admirers and photogs alike so I’m not having my hopes up. Besides, my priority will be covering the event halls as well as visiting the stage which will be graced by them seiyuu guests… =w=

See you all this end of November!


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