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Lovely Dolls of a Mini Fiesta

Dolls, especially those of the 1/3 variety, has fast becoming regulars during any local cons these past few years. Looks like a lot of closet parents finally coming outta their sheltered shell. w

While there is no officially dedicated display booth for dolls, many of our visiting musuko and musume managed to find refuge under a kind Comic Fiesta Mini booth owner’s willingness to lend a part of their display for such. 


The owner is actually the same one I got to know during PAM15!

Very nice fellows, I’ve even placed a commission on them for something made for Tama-chan during our mingling at CFMini15. =w=  

Dollfie Dreams and various BJDs from other makers that I’m not familiar with made their appearances now and then during the two days.

Curiously though, no Smart Dolls are in sight…


And of course Tama-chan paid a visit to the con by tagging along with me. ^_^


Also trying out forced perspective of her at one of the other prop booth meant for human cosplayers .:P


All the attending dolls on Day 2.

So many turned up!


That concludes the 2nd after-event post of CFMini15.

The next and final one will focus upon some of them many cosplayers roaming around the halls.

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