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Imminent Arrival of a Mini Fiesta

Less than a couple of days left until Comic Fiesta Mini


Cosplayers and Photogs alike, prepare your weapons for battle!

Lea & Mikki

Lea Has been cosplaying for 3 years. Took part in various cosplay competitions before, and won third place in Asia Meet Cosplay as the Malaysian representative. Usually cosplays as the “seme” in a cp.

Mikki Has been cosplaying for 5 years: “I have many favourite characters and therefore like to challenge myself to cosplay characters of different genders and aura.”

Lea & Mikki: We haven’t been cosplaying as a duo for long. Before this, we have met a few times and noticed each other’s cosplays, but the opportunity to cosplay as a duo only came by last year. We met during an event and got to know each other better, and gradually realised that we have the same favourite series and have pretty good chemistry working together. Then we decided to go as a duo, with our official Facebook page opening in February this year. We’ll work hard and continue cosplaying our favourite cp characters!



Comic Fiesta has always been an event specially crafted for doujin stuff, so it’s no wonder CFMini will be filled of them booths (Creative Art Market) catered to the said circles. w

The placement of them booths and stage schedule is out now. Remember to check them in advance and plan your next engagement of war. XDc


See you all this Saturday!


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