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Cosplaying Guest for a Mini Fiesta

More update for Comic Fiesta Mini, coming soon to an island near you this September.


Just like Siutao, she hails from the oriental island of Hong Kong.


Olivie is a cosplayer from Hong Kong, and the leader of Hong Kong’s top cosplay performance group “V-Project”.

She has a passion for characters with strong personality, and girls with blond hair 😉

Ever since she fell in love with Love Live!, she has done many versions of Ayase Eri. Her group, V-Project, has also actively produced many dance covers of the songs in the series, and has performed for ACG events in Taiwan, Macau & Singapore.

Official Facebook page:

Official WorldCosplay page:


Again, hopefully I could get a two-shot of her with Tama-chan… =w=


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