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Mini Fiesta of Comical Proportion, Repeat

In about a Moon’s passing, Comic Fiesta Mini will grace the Northern island once again!

CF Mini this year falls on the 5th and 6th of September, and will be held within the halls of Straits Quay Convention Centre, the same venue as Culture Japan Convention 2013 if I’m not mistaken.


Apparently, a guest cosplayer from Hong Kong will attend the event.

I believe Antonio “Saiseki” Low AKA the Grand Shifu of Love Live! School of Dogeza from Singapore will be excited about this since from the past year I’ve noticed him going crazy over her. XDc

小桃 Siutao

Siutao is famous for her meticulous Kantai Collection cosplays. Hailing from Hong Kong, she’ll be coming to Penang to see all her Malaysian fans. Don’t miss out this chance to get to meet her!

Official Facebook page:

COS Official WorldCosplay page:

Hopefully I could get a two-shot of her with Tama-chan similar to what she (Tama-chan) got with Angie, Misa and Ying Tze last year…


As for ticketing, it will cost your wallet a total of RM 10 per day for admission, and you can only get it during the opening hours so expect long queues. 


See you soon on site!


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