Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

An Art of Transformation

In an effort to combat the growing uneasiness and worries surrounding the country’s political and economical drama, the State Government sanctioned an outdoor exhibition, featuring the ever popular Transformers, much to the delight and scorn from those supporting the opposition of the current State Government of the locals and tourists alike.


Killing two birds with one stone, I’ve taken the opportunity to pay a visit to the exhibition as I enjoyed my Bon Odori Matsuri two weeks back, since both situated just side by side within the same, immediate area. =w=

Starting from mid July, some two weeks before the Bon Odori Matsuri, the Transformers Street Art exhibition will last until about mid September.


A few gigantic banners with printed Transformers visual displayed on various containers around. www


Well it wouldn’t be called a Transformers Street Art without the said street arts, no? And nope the printed ones aren’t really categorised as a street art, mind you.

At the other end of the field, containers with Transformers arts are being displayed for photography as well as (Mostly) selfies.



Now back to the main stage itself, where a couple of silent guardians stood watch over the field by the sea-side.


Bumblebee, the mute scout who communicates via snippets of radio transmissions due to damage on his vocal box…



And of course the leader of the Autobots himself, Optimus Prime.

Both of them are based upon the Transformers Movieverse by Michael Bay infamy, since they are much more commercialised and mainstream that even the non-fan public will recognise them.

I, and perhaps most of other die-hard fans, however would prefer the good old classic G1 design instead… 


The Autobots shine brightly even during night-time, as colourful spot lights cast upon them, and themselves having beaming light-up eyes…


If you’re paying a visit to the island of Penang, please do drop by and gaze upon the metallic sentient giants.

They’ll be here to stay until their eventual departure in another month… ^_^


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