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Show Me Your Brave Heart

As part of the 15th anniversary celebration, Megahouse joined the bandwagon by introducing the Stuffed Collection line featuring the Digimons in the original anime series.

Albeit a little too expensive for a plushie, these guys are fully poseable and featured built-in joints within their body.


Agumon, the token mascot in the Digimon franchise along with his fellow Digimon pal Patamon, will pioneer the 1st wave (Probably?) release of the Digimon Adventure Stuffed Collection series.

The package Agumon comes with seems pretty large for his size.

As you can probably see in the following pics, Agumon only takes space for like only a quarter of the box itself.


Apparently Agumon is very eager to think outta box that he broke out from his captivity.


Let’s take a closer look at this stuffed reptile…


My, my what large eyes and sharp teeth you have there, Agumon. And your ears are tiny… XDc

Agumon is pretty stacked for a dinosaur. Just look at his textured muscle all around!

He also have sharp white claws and a stumpy tail, very cute!


As mentioned earlier, Agumon comes with built-in joints that allows him to freely pose with a range of articulations.

As such, you can actually place him in various advanced stances like having him doing the Russian Cossack folk dance… www


Agumon enjoys company with some of my other fellowship of the bed… 

Kotoburd looks frightened while Derpling being derpy as usual… =w=


Hopefully the Stuffed Collection line will continue with the rest of the Digimons…

Would love to grab a Gatomon Tailmon as well! 


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